WGI Hayward Lineup

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WGI Hayward Lineup

Post by cymplaya » Thu Mar 25, 2004 10:28 am

Im sure everyone has this lineup. Just in case

Santa Teresa HS PSA 8:00 AM
Ceres HS PSA 8:09 AM
Davis HS (UT) PSA 8:18 AM
James A. Garfield HS PSA 8:27 AM
Jesse Bethel HS PSA 8:36 AM
Beyer HS PSA 8:45 AM
Johansen HS PSA 8:54 AM
Los Banos HS PSA 9:03 AM
Bakersfield HS PSA 9:12 AM

Break 9:21 AM

Arroyo HS PSA 9:30 AM
Madison HS PSA 9:39 AM
Century HS PSA 9:48 AM
William S. Hart HS PSA 9:57 AM
Davis HS PSA 10:06 AM
Hogan HS PSA 10:15 AM
Amador Valley HS PSA 10:24 AM
Delano HS Golden Tigers PSA 10:33 AM
Modesto HS PSA 10:42 AM

Break 10:51 AM

Allied Perc. Ensemble PIA 11:00 AM
Fever PIA 11:18 AM

Break 11:27 AM

John W. North HS PSO 11:37 AM
Tulare Western HS PSO 11:47 AM
Evergreen HS PSO 11:57 AM
McNary HS PSO 12:07 PM
Valley View HS PSO 12:17 PM
Exeter HS PSO 12:27 PM
Fairfield HS PSO 12:37 PM
West HS PSO 12:47 PM
Clovis PSO 12:57 PM
Clovis East HS PSO 1:07 PM
Liberty HS PSO 1:17 PM
A. B. Miller HS PSO 1:27 PM

Break 1:37 PM

Horner JHS PSCO 1:47 PM
Clayton Valley HS PSCO 1:57 PM
Ida Price MS PSCO 2:07 PM
Moorpark HS PSCO 2:17 PM
Modesto HS PSCO 2:27 PM

Break 2:37 PM

St. Paul HS PSCW 2:48 PM
Clovis West HS PSW 2:59 PM
James Logan HS PSW 3:10 PM
San Marcos HS PSW 3:21 PM
Arcadia HS PSW 3:32 PM
Freelancers PIW 3:43 PM
Black Knights PIW 3:54 PM
Riverside Comm. College PIW 4:05 PM

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Post by malletphreak » Sun Mar 28, 2004 11:26 am

I was there for Prelims and most of Finals... holy geez that was a lot of drumming hehe... highlight of the whole day was seeing all those world groups...

oh yea Los Banos' show was really really cool... so to those of you from there who reads this out of all the lines I saw yours was really memorable...

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