NCBA Benicia Bay Winter Review 3/26/2004

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NCBA Benicia Bay Winter Review 3/26/2004

Post by LTL'98 » Thu Mar 25, 2004 12:31 am

The First Annual Benicia Bay Winter Review will be held at Benicia High School, in Benicia, CA. The food will be DELICIOUS! The souvenirs will be cool, and the shows will be GREAT! Hope to see you there!

Benicia MS MS Novice Percussion 4:30pm
Dover MS MS Novice Percussion 4:40pm
Vallejo MS MS Scholastic Percussion 4:50pm
Del Mar HS HS Novice Percussion 5:00pm
San Benito HS HS Novice Percussion 5:10pm
Tokay HS HS Novice Percussion 5:20pm
Buhach Colony HS HS Standing Percussion 5:30pm
Escalon HS HS Standing Percussion 5:40pm
Rodriguez HS HS Amateur Percussion 5:50pm
Jesse Bethel HS HS Scholastic Percussion 6:00pm
Vallejo HS HS Open Percussion 6:10pm

Break Break Break

Vallejo MS MS Novice Guard 6:30pm
Dover MS MS Amateur Guard 6:40pm
Vallejo MS MS Amateur Guard 6:50pm
MIT Academy MS MS Amateur Guard 7:00pm
Benicia MS MS Scholastic Guard 7:10pm
Vallejo MS MS Scholastic Guard 7:20pm
Edison HS HS Novice Guard 7:30pm
Buhach Colony HS HS Novice Guard 7:40pm
Tokay HS HS Novice Guard 7:50pm
Escalon HS HS Novice Guard 8:00pm

Break Break Break

Del Mar HS HS Intermediate Guard 8:20pm
San Benito HS HS Intermediate Guard 8:30pm
Rodriguez HS HS Intermediate Guard 8:40pm
California HS HS Amateur Guard 8:50pm
MIT Academy HS HS Amateur Guard 9:00pm
Armijo HS HS Scholastic Guard 9:10pm
Vallejo HS HS Open Guard 9:20pm
Benicia HS Exhibition Scholastic Perc 9:30pm
Benicia HS Exhibition Amateur Guard 9:40pm
Benicia HS Exhibition Open Guard 9:50pm

Awards GYM 10:10pm

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