Rodriguez Winter Review-3/6/04 (NCBA)

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Rodriguez Winter Review-3/6/04 (NCBA)

Post by 8-ball » Wed Feb 25, 2004 9:49 am

Fairfield HS Scholastic Percussion-10:00am
Dover MS Novice Percussion-10:10am
Benicia MS Novice Percussion-10:20am
Franklin MS Scholastic Percussion-10:30am
Springstowne MS Scholastic Percussion-10:40am
Sullivan MS-10:50am
Fairfield HS Open Percussion-11:00am
Fairfield HS Scholastic Guard-11:10am
Green Valley MS Novice Guard-11:20am
Franklin MS Novice Guard-11:30am
Sullivan MS Amateur Guard-11:40am
Dover MS Amateur Guard-11:50am
MIT Academy MS Amateur Guard-12:00pm


Springstowne MS Scholastic Guard-12:40pm
Benicia MS Scholastic Guard-12:50pm
Fairfield HS Open Guard-1:00pm
Armijo HS Novice Percussion-1:10pm
Tokay HS Novice Percussion-1:20pm
Vapac HS Amateur Percussion-1:30pm
Del Oro HS Amateur Percussion-1:40pm
Las Plumas/Oroville HS Amateur Percussion-1:50pm
Leland HS Scholastic Percussion 2:00pm
Benicia HS Scholastic Percussion 2:10pm
Vallejo HS Open Percussion-2:20pm

Break 2:30pm

Elk Grove HS Novice Guard-2:40pm
Napa HS Novice Guard-2:50pm
Vapac HS Novice Guard-3:00pm
Chico HS Novice Guard-3:10pm
Tokay HS Novice Guard-3:20pm
Franklin HS Intermediate Guard-3:30pm
Del Oro HS Intermediate Guard-3:40pm
Salinas HS Intermediate Guard-3:50pm
Las Plumas/Oroville HS Intermediate Guard-4:00pm
Concord HS Amateur Guard-4:10pm
Armijo HS Amateur Guard-4:20pm
Benicia HS Amateur Guard-4:30pm
MIT Academy HS Amateur Guard-4:40pm
Benicia HS Scholastic Guard-4:50pm
Vallejo HS Open Guard-5:00pm
Rodriguez HS Exhibition Percussion-5:10pm
Rodriguez HS Exhibition Guard-5:20pm
RIPE Exhibition Percussion-5:30pm

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Post by Spyder » Thu Mar 04, 2004 7:19 pm

I saw this lineup, and i saw that my line was in amatuer, i thought this was incorrect, so i went to my band director... and he put us down a division than we usually are.... i almost kicked myself, oh well....
no longer dealing with high school ^_^

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Post by 8-ball » Fri Mar 05, 2004 11:27 pm

I noticed that too and wondered why. I heard you all were hoping to be good enough for open...

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