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what happens if you drop your stick/mallet & its your so
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Author:  Ace [ Tue Dec 23, 2003 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Matrix In A Drumline

I remeber last year at championships for drumline there were 2 players on the Marimba. The top player didn't have a stick bag so he just placed one of his mallets on the keyboard. The bottom player had to hit that key in which the mallet was on and when he did the mallet was supposed to go flying back to the xylos behind us, but as soon as it got into the air the top marimba player caught it. We still can't explain how he did it we just know he did. And that STOP YELLING stuff........thats some funny stuff man.

Author:  PercussionAndAllThatJazz [ Mon Dec 29, 2003 3:25 pm ]
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Hehe, yeah. Stop's a new classic.

Usually, I have a back-up pair of sticks and mallets in a quiver, and that doesn't necessarily mean that there is more room for error. We carry other pairs of mallets in them too, because sometimes we need more than one kind of sound. Puffy and felt mallets or rods and brushes are sometimes necessary in the show so we have those.

Anyhow, picking up a drop is usually one of the best things to do, although as a tenor player, I sort of scare myself with the thought of toppling over and getting trampled... and I have a hard enough time staying upright without bending down. :oops: Luckily, in our band we have a snare player who's about.. 5' tall, so he can reach down and grab stuff effortlessly. :D

Author:  tetzlaffdrummer [ Tue Jan 27, 2004 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: what happens if you drop your stick/mallet & its you

Bandmaster wrote:
snare cadet wrote:
i beleive that the drumline should be seperated from the band only because of one factor...drumline is hardcore baby yah!!! :nenr: but if i dropped my malet and my solo was coming up, i would probably use my hand if i was on bass or tenor, but if i was on snare i would get it or grab someone elses.haha i would be scared :shock:

uuuhh???? How old are you anyway? You are new to the WOP Forum and so far your postings read like you are really a junior high student. If you keep making postings like this and some of your others, you won't make many friends here. Plus you'll paint a target on yourself as flamebait. So be careful...

Dude he's my instructor and he rocks! So be cool with him. Don't worry he's not really an outsider to the "band people." That's just the way he is with his attitude. It's real funny. We all get a kick out of it at my school. Very good instructor though so :nenr: . :D

Author:  curios0811 [ Tue Jan 27, 2004 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Lololololololololol

stop yelling is a classic now, lol. cant stop crying, lol

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