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The movie Drumline
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Author:  sexydrummerchic [ Sat Dec 20, 2003 9:26 am ]
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yeah i did, we think that college marchig snares are different like that!! jk.....but last i remember there is NO SUCH THING as sharps and flats in drumming!!!!

Author:  kkeonih667 [ Sat Dec 20, 2003 10:57 am ]
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you guys may know more than me, but from what i've heard the opposing drumline is supposedly Blue Devils' line. If this is so, that would explain why they played so much cleaner. Im pretty sure that ive heard that is BD's line, someone correct me if im wrong.

Author:  sexydrummerchic [ Sat Dec 20, 2003 11:57 am ]
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that is the first time ive heard that!!!! it might be true! i dont know!

Author:  DJ-PsiLon [ Sat Dec 20, 2003 1:20 pm ]
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The opposing drumline was Morris Brown College. They are a real school and drumline.

Author:  TMR Quint Kid [ Sat Dec 20, 2003 2:54 pm ]
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Yes that's true, and if u actually notice they are a lot cleaner then Atlanta A&T, but the reason a lot of people think they are dirty is because they recorded it in a studio and played it over the movie, so the sounds don't necessairly line up.

Author:  TMR Quint Kid [ Sun Dec 21, 2003 9:05 pm ]
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LoL, my friend was telling me in one part in the drum battle one of the tenors had dropped their sticks and you can see them picking it back up, I guess they are got to lazy to edit that out... :roll:

Author:  Bandmaster [ Mon Dec 22, 2003 3:06 am ]
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THSDM03 wrote:
And a little rumor I heard...some of the Atlanta A&T members were pulled from RCC's line...dont officially quote me...but that's what I heard

Well... I just checked the credits at the end of my copy of the video and they credit several University Bands with recordings of the band music. I did not see any credit given to the Blue Devils, but the credits are small and hard to read. I didn't think RCC had that many black drummers? I did see some drummers that looked like the RCC types used in the music video that was made to go with the movie. The video was for the song "You Blow Me Up". Maybe that was the source of your rumor?

Author:  MinCook [ Mon Dec 22, 2003 10:19 am ]
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yup they were in the JC Chasez's music video:

(its all the on the bottom)

Author:  TMR Quint Kid [ Mon Dec 22, 2003 11:10 pm ]
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Nice, thanks for the linkage. :P

Author:  tetzlaffdrummer [ Thu Jan 01, 2004 1:53 pm ]
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ok the movie (wasn't that good), the drumline battle was a cool visual type thing but sucked altogether with the whole scheme of it. What the hell was up with the arguing. The last person i saw argue was kicked off right when he did so that is stupid. the plot sucked and it kind of redeemed the American Pie movie cause that pissed me off. I like to joke about that movie but everyone at my school loves the band. At football games everyone cares about the band and once we left during the game and everyone was ticked off because we did but it wasnt our fault it was the busses fault. If some one asked me to play the drumline stuff from the movie i call them a retard for thinking that was cool at all. no one thinks that movie was cool in my drumline except for the girls cause of Nick Cannon. We had an assembly on the last day before break and everyone thought we rocked so no one really thinks much about the movie at my school. Most people didnt even know what a drumline was till we rocked the house down. El Dorado all the way!!!!!!

Author:  MinCook [ Sat Jan 31, 2004 4:20 pm ]
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dont be jealous just cuz u dont look like Nick

hahaha yea were all reeeallly jealous about that... :roll:

Author:  lordjedediah [ Sat Jan 31, 2004 6:21 pm ]
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i hate it when people ask me "are u as good as nick cannon?"
i wanna smack them

my friend was asked if he was a p1

it was funny

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