Tama Marching Percussion Announces Partnership with Kanstul

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Tama Marching Percussion Announces Partnership with Kanstul

Post by kanstulbrass » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:08 pm


Bensalem – Just as the dust was starting to settle on Tama’s auspicious 2011 entry into the marching percussion market, the drum builder has unleashed another surprise: Tama Marching Percussion has announced it will join forces with the venerable marching brass company Kanstul Musical Instruments.

“We worked with numerous band directors during the development of our marching percussion line,” says Tama USA product manager Charlie Hayashi. “They were the ones who first suggested that a partnership with a quality brass manufacturer would be helpful, in terms of the school bid process. We kept that in mind as the next step after launching.”

The link to Kanstul was drum master Tom Float, who in collaboration with visionary Tama leader Ken Hoshino, developed Tama Marching Percussion’s innovative drum products. Knowing both Kanstul and Hoshino, Float saw the strong potential in an introduction, based on their similarities. Both Ken Hoshino and Zig Kanstul had developed reputations for being as strong a guiding force on the shop floor as they are in the conference room.

Located in Anaheim, California, one mile east of Disneyland, Kanstul launched Kanstul Musical Instruments in 1981. Before that, his lifelong dedication to creating fine brass instruments had led him to the position of Vice President of Manufacturing for C.G. Conn, and previous to that as superintendent in charge of R&D for F.E. Olds.
Tama’s Charlie Hayashi voices the company’s excitement about the new relationship: “Our commitment to combining groundbreaking hardware with great sounding drums has made the marching percussion industry sit up and take notice. Our partnership with Kanstul will make our collective products an easy choice for band directors.”

The drum company states its mission as: “Tama is applying its four decades of high-quality drum-making expertise to the marching drum market. We intend to serve marching percussion artists by solving the design problems left unaddressed by the status quo equipment makers. These solutions will maximize the drummer's comfort, safety, and performance, contributing to a richer performance experience.”
Charles Hargett
Sales and Marketing Manager
Kanstul Musical Instruments

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