NCBA proposal 3 of 4

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NCBA proposal 3 of 4

Post by pittech » Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:27 pm

My next bold (or prehaps out there) proposal. This one goes hand in hand with Proposal # 1
Proposal Title: NCBA to convert and adjust their current winder indoor percussion classifications and definitions to coincide with the scholastic classifications of WGI.
Proposed By: Calvin Carr
Date: 6/03/10
Fiscal Impact: unknown
Impact: changing of classification titles on current NCBA show entry applications, educating adjudicators and percussion staff on the new class definitions.

I propose that the NCBA convert and adjust their current winder indoor percussion classifications and definitions to coincide with the scholastic classifications and definitions of Winter Guard International (WGI). Current NCBA classifications would be combined or adjusted to reflect the WGI classifications. In the interest in education, the Middle School classifications would remain separate and untouched. Units that would be considered the upper tier of the new divisions would have the option of staying in that class or moving up to the next class i.e. – if a unit currently in the High School Scholastic who would be considered the upper division of PSO wishes to move up to PSW they have that choice. In this current set up, the only divisions that could NOT move would be High School Novice (now part of PSA) and High School Open (now part of PSW) an example of how this could be done and the class definitions are attached below. The definitions of the classes are also pasted below.
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This proposal is dependant on the passing of NCBA adopting the rules and regulations of WGI for all winter indoor percussion activities. Should the aforementioned proposal pass, NCBA would need to change their current indoor percussion classifications and class definitions to that of WGI. Rather than starting from square one, combining classes that currently have similar talent levels could be an easy way strengthen and streamline the NCBA winter product. Each combination is of a lower classification and one that would be considered the upper division of the new classes. This way the new classifications can guarantee a nice mix of units guaranteeing entertainment and competitiveness between each of the 3 new classifications. This is also a good way of ensuring a nice even number if units per classifications along with making it easier for a unit that finds themselves achieving consistent success in one class to move up to the next.
2.1 Percussion Scholastic World (PSW) ensembles demonstrate a virtuostic level of performance and design. All members contribute equally to the advanced level skills expected from participation in this class. Program design and development is at the most sophisticated level in the Scholastic division.

2.2 Percussion Scholastic Open (PSO) ensembles demonstrate intermediate skills and concepts. These ensemble have experience in the indoor activity and have moved beyond basic skills, but not yet ready for the advance skills and concepts expected in PSW.

2.3 Percussion Scholastic A (PSA) ensembles demonstrate basic skills and concepts. Performers strive to achieve basic musical and technical skill sets as well as facilitate beginning concepts of movement. A class ensembles incorporate moderate challenges in regard to orchestration and content.
Calvin D. Carr
Director of Music -Pixley Middle School & Pixley Elementary

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