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Author:  pittech [ Fri May 21, 2010 9:35 am ]
Post subject:  NCBA proposal 1 of 4

Constrictive feedback is welcome. I will post the rest as they are finished. Thank you.

Proposal Title: NCBA to adopt the rules and regulations of WGI for all winter indoor percussion activities.
Proposed By: Calvin Carr
Date: 5/19/10
Fiscal Impact: unknown
Impact: adoption of standardized sheets, training of adjudicators and directors/staff on new sheets, adoption of a 3 person adjudication panel (not including T&P) for indoor percussion marching, and a 2 person adjudication panel (not including T&P) for indoor concert percussion, adoption of a unified and standard philosophy.

I propose that the NCBA adopt the rules and regulations of Winter Guard International (WGI) for all winter indoor percussion activities. This includes WGI’s contest rules, code of ethics, competition procedures, definitions of eligibility, and adjudication standards. The WGI rules shall work in conjunction with the NCBA rules and regulations. NCBA would utilize the score sheets and judging standards established by WGI. NCBA would NOT become an affiliate of WGI and therefore only utilize the WGI rules and regulations as they pertain to Scholastic (Middle School or High School) Units. NCBA would not allow Independent (non-Middle School or High School) units to compete at NCBA winter indoor percussion competitions including NCBA winter championships. Current NCBA adjudicators who are not certified as WGI adjudicators or an adjudicator of a WGI affiliate would be trained in the rules, regulations and scoring methods of WGI prior to the start of the upcoming winter season. (Possibly via a seminar hosted by NCBA in were adjudicators pay a registration free to offset costs) Directors and/or ensemble captions heads who are not familiar with the rules and regulations of WGI would be sent a copy of the WGI rule book prior to the start of the winter season and a “quick facts change sheet” showing the specific general rules that have been changed from going to the WGI R&R from the NCBA R&R i.e. – time limits, classification names and definitions, competition area sizes, etc. Current copies of WGI’s indoor percussion rules are available upon request.

The world of pageantry is always evolving. As ensembles around the world continue to push the musical, artistic and athletic envelope they look to the circuits and governing organizations that they belong to for not only guidance in continuing quest in youth education but a set of standardized rules and regulations that can utilized locally at home but on the world stage as well. With more NCBA units starting to branch out into the world of WGI (i.e. – Fairfield High, Jesse Bethel High, Benicia High, Springstowne MS, etc), it only makes sense to aid them in their quest by adopting what is considered to be the standard in winter guard and winter indoor percussion rules and regulations. Adopting the standard R&R and judges sheets as stated by WGI will also help NCBA units strengthen and streamline their products by giving them a clear cut definition of what is expected of each of the different scholastic classifications along with giving them specific goals to strive for. It has been said that NCBA is currently “behind the times” and “out of touch” with the current state of the activity. With changing over to the R&R of WGI, NCBA could not only help current units to compete in both NCBA and WGI evolve their product but, NCBA would also help other units evolve into stronger products while continuing to focus on education.

Author:  backtobasics05 [ Fri May 21, 2010 10:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NCBA proposal 1 of 5

agreed. The answer isn't making ncba into wgi or anything but this will allow for an easy updating of the sheets and regulations that should have already been put in place. In the long run this will help the circuit to grow, and acquire more units to participate and help this area of pageantry to flourish.

Author:  pittech [ Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NCBA proposal 1 of 4

thanks man. I got some good feedback in the director's forum as well. Let's hope it passes!

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