Littlerock Show!

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Littlerock Show!

Post by 2Joo4u » Sat Apr 10, 2004 11:05 pm

wow todays show at Littleock High School was great! Congrats to all the guards!
Teams who deserve props (in my opinion):
Canyon High- They havent had an advisor since field season, and still have managed to get a nice show together... Love yall
Windswept- No special reason except there are alot of guys on this guard and they are pretty cute :oops: :D
Rancho Cucamonga HS- well the guy on their guard was looking pretty green on his way out there, so im giving him props for making it almost all the way through the show, then when he finally was about to be ill, he ran off the tarp to the trashcan, saving the gym floor, his flag, the team tarp, and his unform from some expensive cleaning bills... good job guard guy! ur kool in my book!
Allusion- U rock bcuz u work with Pedro! Pedro is the most awesome dude ever! (hes our choreographer/ drill designer/ equipment guy/ everything else) We Love you Pedro!!! :bow: u r the reason we r where we r! :bow: :cool2:
If anyone was there, you kno by the time windswept came on everyone was sooo tired of hearing evanescance's bring me to life (it was the 4-5 time of the day), there was a collective groan... being new to colorguard this year, is it common to have so many guards doing the same song? i think thats it thanx!

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Post by TMRsaxyDM » Sat Apr 10, 2004 11:37 pm

man that school is far! for tustin it was a 2 hour bus drive for us... im sure it was long for alot of other people too.. but i had to preforme at the villa park drum comp then left for the little rock gaurd show.. it was just that much longer lol.. but it was fun.. when are gaurd shows not fun?
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Post by masterphatjd » Sun Apr 11, 2004 8:50 am

Good job to all the guards there yesterday! Thanks to Littlerock for hosting a great show. Also, great job to the Littlerock HS colorguard for having NO DROPS and a great performance yesterday!
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Post by Mad City » Mon Apr 12, 2004 1:27 pm


I had a great time at the Rock! Despite the l-o-n-g drive to get there, and wondering if I was on the right Ave R! It wasn't as windy this year as in the past, and all the units I'm associated with did a darn good job!

Valencia girlies, (from Valencia) you rock! It's been a great season so far. Let's end it with a bang at Championships!

Allusion, it's been a great time working with a bunch of great people, on and off the field. Good luck at WGI and Championships!

South Pasadena, Okay, so I work with the drumline, I don't work with the guys did a great job. Especially since you didn't have an instructor at the beginning of the season and got started so late. I'm glad you finally have an instructor who knows her stuff!

Nuff said, congrats to all and good luck at WGI and/or Championships!!!
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Post by split5050 » Tue Apr 13, 2004 8:07 am

Where are the Scores for the Little Rock Show? They are not up on the WGASC website.
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Littlerock Show

Post by guardlover00 » Tue Apr 13, 2004 1:54 pm

I had several favs at this show - so I will start...

Regional A - The guard from Colony was most impressive...this show was simple, easy, clean...the male performer needs a better costume though.

Regional AA - Norco HS took my breath away...a well designed show with a killer soloist! This guard moves well to a great soundtrack...which escapes now. Score was way to low!

Int A - South Hills HS ROCKS! This is a SCH A show if ever I saw one. Well put together and well performed. Score was way too low!

Sch A - Only Littlerock HS...Another show with a killer soloist. Where do they get these kids from? I liked the music, loved the costumes...didn't get the windows though...can someone fill me in. Score was also too low!

Sch Open - Where the heck has Rancho Cucamonga been? I have missed them all season long. What a great show. Very entertaining as always - even when they guy got sick and ran off the floor. But man oh man this rifle line rocks the entire show with a fast and furious flag statement at the end. Score - guessed it.... WAY TO LOW.

The drive was long....2 hours to get to this show. Its WAY out there. And there is nothing there. But the show is ok...Gym was a little small and a little dark.

Good luck to everyone at WGI this weekend.

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