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Antioch Delta Winter Review 2/28/2004 Scores (NCBA)
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Author:  LTL'98 [ Sun Feb 29, 2004 11:01 am ]
Post subject:  Antioch Delta Winter Review 2/28/2004 Scores (NCBA)

Although I didn't get to see everyone's show I did get to watch quite a few shows. These are scores as I herd them from the stands, if you have any corrections please feel free to correct them in reply. If you are looking for the Drumline scores, I have posted them in the Drumline board.

Colorguard Awards

Middle School Novice
1.) 72.75 Thomas Hart MS
2.) 71.3 Mendenhall MS
3.) 71.1 Pleasanton MS
4.) 69.9 Park MS

Middle School Amature
1.) 77.2 Park MS

High School Novice
1.) 75.2 Lincoln HS
2.) 74.9 Ygnacio Valley HS
3.) 74.2 Bella Vista HS
4.) 71.3 Tokay HS
5.) 70.84 Laguna Creek HS
6.) 70.0 Encinal HS

High School Intermediate
1.) 78.3 Franklin HS
2.) 77.0 Deer Valley HS
3.) 76.8 Atwater HS

High School Amateur
1.) 85.1 Mission San Jose HS
2.) 81.4 Concord HS
3.) 78.6 Lodi HS

High School Scholastic
1.) 83.3 Livermore HS

High School Open
1.) 92.5 Golden Valley HS
2.) 91.7 Foothill HS

182.4 Foothill HS

Hope to see you all in the up comming events this weekend!

Author:  crack it [ Sun Feb 29, 2004 8:38 pm ]
Post subject: 

hey where are you located? I've never heard of any of the guards in your show, and ive never heard of the classes (amateur, intermediate)

Author:  LTL'98 [ Sun Feb 29, 2004 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  The NCBA

NCBA stands for the Northern California Band Association. Groups from the Bay Area, Sacramento, and basically San Jose and north partisipate in this circuit. It's a smaller circuit compared to CCGC and WGI, however it seems to grow each year. I hope this helps.

Author:  JCYS [ Mon Mar 01, 2004 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Small correction

Actually, the NCBA circuit is quite a bit larger than the CCGC circuit, with quite a few more shows and units. Check out the CCGC website.

The NCBA circuit consists of drum lines/Color Guards from as far south as Fresno and as far north as Chico, from all over the Bay Area and even Northwest Nevada (Reno, Sparks, etc).

There are currently well over 100 units competing on the NCBA circuit.

However, there are major differences:

There are NO independant guards on the NCBA circuit, it is strictly a "scholastic" circuit-just HS's and Jr. HS.

The NCBA is NOT a WGI sanctioned circuit, and its sheets, competitions, and judging philosophy are not meant to be "in line" with WGI norms-not to say that are not some similarities and overlaps. The CCGC if more reflective of WGI norms.


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