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Author:  GuarDiva04 [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 8:16 am ]
Post subject:  scared... or not?

I think this is a very good topic. I have to say, that I myself am not afraid to tell my instructors anything. I think it's because I've never in my life missed rehearsal and they can depend on that. I teach another colorguard but the practices do not conflict and I make it a point to make it known that the guard I PERFORM in is my priority because thats what is important. I do however think it's also important for there to be a SMALL amount of fear between performers and instructors because it creates a lot of respect. You don't want to be terrified but if you're slightlyafraid of how they perseve you, or what kind of performer they think you are, or what they might say if you ask certain questions... you're more likely to stick to the rules and not try to stray otherwise.

We have this problem within my guard. Our old instructor, Jason Flores, not sugar coating it at all... Had us by our balls! No OnE asked to use the bathroom, If you were sick during the day, you came to 6th period AND rehearsal to at least show up, No OnE quesioned anything he said! And thats why we never had much drama and things worked so well for us. We were scared of him but he also knew how to let us have fun! It was almost a perfect mix! Our instructors we have now... not that they aren't as friendly but we have a good mix for the fact that they don't get too involved in our lives as Flores did. I remember ranting and raving to Jason about my guy problems one day at rehearsal because he asked me what was wrong. I LoVeD that about him but... I like how our new instructors can differentiate very well between friends and instructors. But... I'm not scared of them at all. I personally dont need to be because I'm one of those performers who is there to be great, there to learn, and nothing else.... but yes I believe its alright to be a little bit afriad of your instructors!

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