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Re: hey edband..

Post by RifleDiva » Mon Feb 09, 2004 1:38 pm

its all about the guard wrote:sorry, pls dont feel like im about to shoot you for your comments but I was just a lil confused about your post, did you say that other guard members didnt like the shows their own guard had? or people didnt like the pc show?
What I think Erin (edbandchick) was trying to say is that in general, some guards don't seem to enjoy their show cause they don't smile. I’ve only seen about 5 guards but I agree with her on this cause it does seem like they are angry or maybe they are just really focused on their show so they forget to smile. I don’t know but it does seem like there is less smiling out there. Anybody know why? I know that sometimes you’re not supposed to smile cause of the type of show you have but sometimes it just looks better if the guard is enjoying themselves. I know that I perform better if I smile. I think a lot of people did like PC's show. Or at least I did. Maybe I’m a little biased since my captain is now on their guard, but I still think it was a cute show. It's been like 2 weeks since I saw it so I can't really remember if I liked anything specific.

btw, me and Erin are really good friends and we've talked about this stuff before so I’m pretty sure that this is what she meant, and don't worry I am working very hard at "re-educating" her and proving that guard really is better than band. J/k Erin, you know I luv ya!
c/o 2005

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Post by its all about the guard » Tue Feb 10, 2004 9:11 pm

thanks for the clarification, i was just like.. ohhhhh....

but yeah, good luck on your season!

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