How was the Evaluation Show?

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How was the Evaluation Show?

Post by Mad City » Sat Jan 10, 2004 5:36 pm

Did anyone go to the eval show in Fountain Valley?

How was it? Who was there? How did all the guards do?

Mainly Regional A and Scholastic A.

The season has begun!!!!!


Bout' time!
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Post by RifleDiva » Sun Jan 11, 2004 9:33 am

I went yesterday and personally I had an awesome show. I smacked our last toss (a five) and that was awesome! My school (El Dorado) was the last in the division so we didn't get to see anyone in Regional A or Scholastic A but our jv guard was there and saw a lot of them and so were my parents and sister and from what I gather it seemed a lot of shows were kind of morbid or evil and very few had smiling shows. Which is why they liked our show cause its more upbeat and we get to smile a lot. I did get to see the SO, IO and IW divisions and they were good.

Upland- not complete yet, but what they have so far looks good. Weapon looked good from what I can remember. Just curious, are the green flags show flags? Just wondering because my freshmen year our show flags weren't done yet so we had to use practice flags and they were bright green. But upland's flags looked clean (as opposed to our grubby practice flags) so maybe they are permanent. Either way the bright green was a nice contrast to the black floor and uniform

Rancho Cucamonga- well I have always expected high from this guard and I wasn't disappointed. I really hope I’m not mixing shows up here, but I do believe this guard started off with everyone around perimeter of the floor in different pose. And I must say, some of those poses were crazy! One girl had her legs like above her head and was balanced on her shoulder's it looked like and she held it for a LONG time. Another had her leg and rifle intertwined. It was crazy. Their show was more complete than uplands and was pretty clean too. They had some real nice rifle catches. I’m sorry but I can't remember how their flag work looked. But over all nice show!

Black Knights- Good show. And completed too. There were A LOT of them out there so it looked a bit over crowded. Weapon line was good and flag was too. I was bit annoyed by the group of girls who were cheering for them, it was bit much. But their show was still good. A lot going on too so it was hard to follow, but I’ll see them again at Valencia.

Corona- this was an interesting show. It seemed to be sort of an army/boot camp theme I believe. They had a lot of props too. And they were also one of the bigger guards. Their show was complete too, but they weren’t as strong on their equipment. They had a lot of drops. The poles on the left side of the floor (from the spectator perspective) may cause some problems as they fell over a couple of times. There was a lot going on. Their show has potential but I don't know if I will see them again, last night being the first time I had ever heard of them.

Well that was all I saw, and I know my reviews aren't all that great. It was a long day/night and the shows are starting to all run together (don't you hate it when that happens?)

Anyway, I’m so glad the season has started and can't wait to see everyone out there. Good luck to you all!
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Eval Show

Post by cggirl353 » Mon Jan 12, 2004 7:29 am

I am so glad that the eval show is over and done with! I was so excited yet so nervous about the first show. I am glad that my "first show gitters" are out of my system. Hopefully next week everything will go smoothly. There was a lot of good shows out there. I wish everyone the best of luck for this season. Looks like everyone is having fun out there. Yay! The season has begun!


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Post by flagratgirl » Mon Jan 12, 2004 5:01 pm

our first comp isnt until the 14th of febuary so we get to have our first show jitters then! yay i cant wait until we finish the show.
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Post by split5050 » Wed Jan 14, 2004 2:41 pm

Well I had not planned on doing a review for this show, but since there was only one posted i guess I will.

I only saw the last 4 guards so here we go:

Upland: Well since I mixed the music for this show I really enjoyed the music. I think that the show has amazing potential, but could use a little "watering." I thought there were a few of the performers that really could identify with their character and really sucked me into their own individual performance. Obvioulsy not everyone was at the same focus level, and I think that distracted from the "Group Performance." I think that the show is very difficult and can not wait to see them later on down the road.

Rancho: (I am also on staff at Rancho) I thought that there were some excellent performances by many of the members. Im not really sure what happened in the night show as far as excellence. (In the clinique they were much stronger) I guess first show gitters took hold. Rancho's show is actually 2 minutes longer than what was performed at the evaluation show. The ending 2 minuted are absolutely amazing. Trying to count the music and look at the work being achieved will simply make your head hurt. But I do not know if they have another show before RCC Regional so you might have to wait till then. I can not wait to see what happens with this show.

Black Knights: Im not sure what to think of this show. I think that there was too much visual clutter on the floor. The show itself seemed a little Fantasia/Lealtaesque. Not that this is bad, just similair. I think that there is amazing amount of talent this year and may be in contention for the title. On problem that I did have was that the layering of this show was not very effective in my opinion. I think that every layer was written as the "focus" and thus created chaos to watch. I think that this show will be one of the highlight guards of the year once again.

Carona: Holy Cow! Althought the excellence is not quite there yet, WOW! the work written is simply amazing. Kudos to Michael Shapiro for writing such amazing work. I loved the music, As I really wanted to use it for a guard this year. It will be a great show once it is achieved. I can not wait to see them in the future.

That is all I saw at the show, as I had to warm up a guard and do last minute cleaning things. It will be interesting to see how this season goes. Good luck to all.
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