Livermore/Granada Line-Ups

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Livermore/Granada Line-Ups

Post by oldsole84 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:36 pm

As of 3/10

MSN = Middle School Novice
MSA = Middle School Advanced
MSS = Middle School Scholastic
HSNB = High School Novice B
HSNA = High School Novice A
HSI = High School Intermediate
HSA = High School Advanced
HSS = High School Scholastic
HSO = High School Open

Livermore High School

12:40pm MSN Park
12:50pm MSN Junction
1:00pm MSA Shaw
1:10pm MSA Hart
1:20pm MSA Franklin
1:30pm MSS Springstowne
1:40pm EXH Livermore

Middle School Awards @ 2:10pm

2:40pm HSNB Gustine
2:50pm HSNB American
3:00pm HSNB Petaluma
3:10pm HSNB Deer Valley
3:30pm HSNA Arroyo
3:40pm HSNA Rancho Cotate
3:50pm HSNA Encinal
4:00pm HSNA Antioch
4:20pm HSI Spanish Springs
4:30pm HSI Mission San Jose
4:40pm HSA Wilcox
4:50pm HSA Reed
5:00pm HSA McQueen
5:10pm HSA Galt
5:20pm HSA Buhach Colony
5:30pm HSS Santa Cruz
5:40pm HSS Foothill

High School Awards @ 6:00pm

Granada High School

1:20pm HSNA Arroyo
1:30pm HSNA Rancho Cotate
1:40pm HSNA Concord
1:50pm HSNA Elk Grove
2:00pm HSNA Vintage
2:10pm HSNA Antioch
2:20pm HSI Spanish Springs
2:30pm HSI Dublin
2:40pm HSI West Campus
2:50pm HSI Atwater
3:00pm MSN Park
3:10pm MSN Junction
3:30pm MSA Shaw
3:40pm MSA Park
3:50pm MSA Solano
4:00pm MSS Springstowne
4:10pm MSS MIT Academy
4:20pm HSNB Hayward
4:30pm HSNB Livermore
4:40pm HSNB Gustine
4:50pm HSNB American
5:00pm HSNB Petaluma
5:10pm HSNB Pleasant Grove
5:20pm HSNB Freedom

Middle School Awards @ 5:40

6:20pm HSA Wilcox
6:30pm HSA MIT Academy
6:40pm HSA Reed
6:50pm HSA McQueen
7:00pm HSA Rodriguez
7:10pm HSS Santa Cruz
7:20pm HSS Rodriguez
7:30pm HSS Foothill
7:40pm HSO Armijo
7:50pm HSO Benicia
8:00pm EXH Granada B (Tri Valley Cadets)
8:10pm EXH Granada A (Tri Valley)

High School Awards @ 8:30pm

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Re: Livermore/Granada Line-Ups

Post by ErinF » Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:17 am

Any video's?

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