Upcoming Favorites for NCBA 2011?

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Re: Upcoming Favorites for NCBA 2011?

Post by mredom » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:41 pm

Economics is why we are in NCBA right now. Travel to CCGC shows is a long ways from Elk Grove, and we rely on parents to carpool to every show.

I am hopeful that as the training changes for judges are implemented, and we as members ask for it, the consistency of judging will improve. Looking at for our last show, I thought that the panel had many good comments on the tapes, things we could use as we move through the season, and that the scores were consistent with the taped comments. That is really all we can ask from our judges, that they be fair, consistent, and aligned with the recorded and written comments.

I know this season will be a new experience, as each new season is. We must continue to strive to improve each week, just as we do with our groups. If we do, NCBA will become the organization we all want it to be.
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