Endura rifles/airblades

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Endura rifles/airblades

Post by mariahorn » Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:19 am

Bandshoppe has a new line of rifles called "Endura"

http://www.bandshoppe.com/catalog/produ ... rill_Rifle

They are made with some sort of plastic identical to the airblade rifles, and apparently don't need to be taped and looks like the bolt and tips won't shred apart like others.

Has anyone ever tried these, or if not, tried the airblades? I'm curious how they weight is and how they feel. If they last longer I definately want my guard to start using these, but don't want to order a lot right now if they end up not really feeling like a rifle.


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Re: Endura rifles/airblades

Post by chickenlipz » Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:59 pm


Sounds similar to what I spun in 1978. Our rifles were made of a plastic type material that was softer than the ROTC rifles at that time. We had molded barrels (which we sawed off), bolts and triggers along with a nice leather strap.

I remember dropping during an indoor performance and having the darned thing bounce right back into my hands!

They WERE breakable, though. Mine snapped clean off at the neck, with no chance of repair.

Ah, memories...

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