Trouble with Our Counsel

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Trouble with Our Counsel

Post by Brosler » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:51 pm

I've been in my music program for 4 years doing countless activities. I'm now the Drum Major and I'm honestly just ecstatic to even be doing anything special, but here's my problem.

No one wants to do anything anymore. There is no motivation to do anything.

We've lost our touch. I want the spirit that was there my freshman year to come back again before I leave. I feel like I'm watching the program fall apart. Our trip to San Diego might even be canceled because of lack of funding.

How do I bring the fun back while doing the hard work? I want to set everything up so that in the future I can look at the program and be proud of where it's going, not disappointed at it's regression. Help!

-Drum Major of Concord High School (15-16) Kyle Brosler
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Re: Trouble with Our Counsel

Post by ThegreatDrumMajor » Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:45 pm

This is very normal. I don't know if you have ever noticed but it happens twice every year. Once in September and October, and once in February and March. During Marching Season there is a lot of hype towards the beginning, like during band camp and the first couple of rehearsals, But since competitions don't really start until October, and you have learned everything you need to know and all you end up doing is cleaning, people start to get tired of each other, and bored of the program. You probably did it at a point in time too. You are constantly seeing the same people everyday day for long periods of time and you tend to get annoyed of the same old thing. There really is no way to fix it but to let it pass by. You can try to conduct (pun intended) a couple of activities to help people get a little bit more hyped. Right now during concert season, people are getting bored of playing the same couple of pieces over and over again so try bringing it up to your director to start doing some sight reading. Call it "Figure it Out Friday". Pick different pieces just to sight read every Friday. Not only does it strengthen their sight reading ability but it is fun to play something new. Then maybe on those days pick somebody new to run warm ups. This starts to keep people on their toes. And I don't know if your band hangs out together at lunch, but I like to play games during lunch. They are usually like different riddle games but it is fun. This is what starts the hype up again. Don't really worry about trying to get the hype of your freshman year back. Worry about doing what you need to do to help other people get a little less bored and annoyed with the program. This is a time where you have to put your feelings aside and take everybody else's feelings into account. Its what you signed up for as Drum Major so be that leader. At this point you have to work hard to have fun.
And when it comes to funding, you have to be persistent. Try telling them their losses if they don't start supporting the program like for example loss of staff, and trips. And also San Diego is amazing. They really don't want to miss it.
-Drum Major of Steele Canyon High School, San Diego, CA:king:

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