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Post by music freak » Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:18 pm

so i am a great trombone player ive been playing for 4 years and i have been in the band for 9 years BUT i moved schools and now the band here isnt to good its been going for only two years.. any ways thats not what i want help on does anyone know of any scholorships out there. ill tell you about myself.. i moved to a diffrent city and the area is a little tough i have a huge family but i am the only one in high school and if i keep it up (which i will) i will be not just a first generation to graduate high school but the first person im my huge family in a long time (last one to graduate was my grandma.) not only that ill be the first one to even go to a collage hopfully a University. band has become my life i went from a huge band to a band of 20 ive always been dedicated, um the reason why i am asking is that at one point in my life i honestly had nothing. my parents are devorced and when my mom found out i was talking to my dad she through me out. now that i am with my dad its tough i have cloths ect.. but the family is bad and i fear that i might someday be like them so i am taking action now for tomorrow. so if you know of any scholarships out there please let me know thank you. p.s i know i shouldnt just put this out there but i really could use the help

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Re: help

Post by agentsquishypenguin » Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:16 pm

Its always a good idea to clearly figure out what this scholarship is going to, plus what is being put behind it. the internet is a marvelous place to begin searching. also, if you have any specific colleges or universities in mind, they definetly list scholarships on their websites. anything else?
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