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DM styles

Post by g0Lp0 » Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:14 pm

I had this conversation with my friend Umayr but I wanna know more. Can someone tell me the difference between Norcal and Socal military sytle drum major and why mace scores are generally higher than military?
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Re: DM styles

Post by dmcoach » Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:17 am

Scores are scores. It all depends on the judging of the day. As an adjudicator, it doesn't matter which equipment gets the higher score for the day. My job is to score appropriately according to what was executed in front of me at the time of competition, and to place the DM's accordingly.

NorCal vs SoCal military styles... :roll:

I'm only speaking from videos, and from a few DM's up north that've come down south to compete.

I will not say that either style is superior, but I will say that I prefer the style that is smoother and flows more. In this case, if you were to compare how NorCal and SoCal military DM's spin, I would prefer SoCal.

I don't say that because I grew up down here, because I led down here, coach down here, and judge down here. I say that from a spectator's point of view. It's like watching a movie, or listening to music. I'd rather enjoy something that flows, compared to showing me trick, stop, trick, stop, trick, stop, trick, stop.

Doing tricks is easy. Putting them together into something that only has one or two stops is difficult. One of my favorite things to do with my students is to try and find creative ways to connect moves from different planes, while making that plane change make sense to whomever that is watching it. When you make a routine, think of composing a sentence. I don't like having a ton of commas and periods when writing sentences.

Body movement... SoCal DM's are encouraged to maintain and uphold a military style with their posture and bearing. DM's that have great posture, marching, and confidence tend to out-score their peers who don't pay attention to those details. Just because you can do a certain move doesn't mean you HAVE to do it. You have to balance it out with how it affects all that I just wrote about during your performance in front of the judges.

Another thing that is different from both areas. Uniforms... SoCal DM's are required to have head gear. Berets aren't acceptable when the rest of the band is wearing shakos and plumes. Uniformity is emphasized and encouraged. But that's more of an NCBA & SCSBOA thing that I will not get into. Just different organizations with different rules.

I hope this doesn't offend our NorCal friends. I'm just giving you some insight, coming from someone who's dedicated most of my time to helping promote the sport for the last 15 years.

Here's a few examples of my students this season:

Alvarado Intermediate School

Tetzlaff Middle School

Beckman High School

Mayfair High School

Santiago High School

Feel free to comment and respond. I'd like to hear what our NorCal friends' opinions are, and what your thoughts and philosophies might be regarding spinning, parades, and competitions.

I'm speaking for myself btw, not for the whole of SoCal :shades:
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