something to encourage your section and band

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something to encourage your section and band

Post by trumpetguy17 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:43 pm

Many times, I have encountered those people that laugh at the thought of being in a uniform and playing an instrument instead of fighting for a ball on the field, well no offense to any sport, but marching band is much more than a uniform and an instrument. To me, Marching band is discipline, passion, talent and dedication. Discipline to not move at a holt, passion to play with your heart, talent to reach the double high C and dedication to learn your drill. It's a love much greater than a look and sound, it's a love that one must hold close to their heart. We are now close to the SCSBOA championships and many will chose to put down those who may not be Hart, Los Angeles, Chino, Downey, Baldwin Park, Saugus, Valencia or La Puente, but every single band goes out for the same reason, to achieve a goal, a goal that the entire ensemble shares, to win as a group, as a family, as a unit. SCSBOA has some amazing groups and with those amazing groups there are bands and there are BANDS. I wish the best of luck to all of those participating at champs and to those that don't, there is always next year, another year for improvement and triumph.
To all of those going to champs, perform for every rehearsal that you have sweated over, every push up or lap for every headache thanks to your director and for every trophy won or not won.
Good Luck!

p.s. all those trumpet players out there, play your horn like it's the love of your life.

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Re: something to encourage your section and band

Post by TrumpetWildcat2011 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:12 pm

I completely agree. Marching band is much more than it seems. And at times I feel that the trumpet section that I am apart of thinks differently. Considering my section is almost entirely made up of freshmen, this makes sense. But even when I was a freshman I understood that what I was apart of is a big deal.

SCSBOA Championships are ready for each and every band. And each and every band should be ready for Championships. And no matter how the score come out. And no matter who is first, we are all apart of marching band. And that should be good enough for us.

And as a fellow trumpet player, I say to you. Yay! :)

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