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*Important Information to Event Holders*
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Author:  gilmed23 [ Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  *Important Information to Event Holders*

If you have a Event anywhere in Los Angeles County here is some relief for you. As we all know anything bad that could happen will happen (In reference to Murphy's Law) but if you are prepared all will be well. As a former MB/DL/CG member I understand the need of first aid at an event. Unfortunately it is constantly staff by a volunteer parent with a motor home, a band aid box, some ice, & water bottles...which is to say not prepared for much of what really happens (performers fainting, breaking their nose, sprained ankles, REALLY bad blisters, & lots of other conditions gone unnoticed). I am here representing the company "Medics on the Move" which offers medical support at special events around LA County, our staff consist of certified First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians who are trained for just about anything form bee-stings to emergency childbirth. All this provided for of course a nominal fee (prices are reasonable!) but what's the small price for ensuring safety for you,your spectators, and your performers? I think it will be well justified. And also think of it as lowering your Liability Insurance Premiums which I hope you do have considering the size of most events. So please don't hesitate and contact for more information!

*Coming soon to Orange & San Bernadino Counties*

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