For Sale Speaker Carts

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For Sale Speaker Carts

Post by floatdude » Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:42 pm

Double Speaker Cart, move two large speakers quick and easy on or off the performance area or practice feild.
Comes with 4-- 8” pneumatic tires and removable tow handle. Built for rough terrain.

Pitch the upper speaker back or forth, so to aim them at the audience in the bleachers. Upper speaker mount is height adjustble.

Custom made to fit any size speakers,or shapes such as square or trapezoidal.

Hitch two or more together, so one person can take all out with ease.

Please email the sizes of your speaker , W x H x L plus any pictures.

Also make single speaker carts and pole mounted speaker carts as well as base model speaker cart all which all is custom made to order.

Go to ... -cart.html for the Double Speaker Cart.

Go to ... angle.html for the Single speaker cart.

Also check out bottom base speaker cart for sub speakers and Gig Rig Mixer carts. ... tform.html

Or email me at or just call 423-462-2059


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