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Post by Cudarich » Tue Dec 09, 2003 1:43 pm

my personal take on this is that it would be almost impossible to have a parade competition. there isnt much variety in the music parade bands play, so it would be very rough to judge music. plus, there would be no way to judge marching.
thats just my take. please dont set me on fire and drag me down the street for posting this.

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Post by PGOK » Tue Dec 09, 2003 3:00 pm

Cudarich wrote: . please dont set me on fire and drag me down the street for posting this.

Honey..........Where's the matches??? :wink:

In major brass band contests, every band plays the exact same piece, and to a very high standard. Special contest pieces are even commisioned. The judges are still able to determine winners. Variety, as you are probably thinking of it, is not a concern in parade competition. And, If you really listen, you will hear a lot of variety in different parade marches. You will dear different styles, dynamics, textures, orchestrations and sometimes even tempo changes.

It may not be as true in a Memorial Day Parade in Michigan or Vermont, but California Band Reviews have been become very specialized. Marching is judged on a traditional military standard, and music is judged almost as a concert event. North and South each have their own brand of showmanship.

No way to judge marching? :shock:

I'm pretty sure we have been judging parade marching for well over 60 years.

The reasons a parade championship will PROBABLY not work have been well delineated, by others on this board wiser than I. The basic judging of music and marching however, is NOT one of the problems. :!:
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