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California Band Olympics

Post by CrimsonCadetClarinet » Sun Nov 30, 2003 10:06 pm

Because of what i have gathered from people, this is my take on how and who will be the grand champion of california.

This tourney will take a few good weeks just like olympics!

Each band will perform thier field show twice. There will be 4 scores for each performance: Band + Music+Percussion+ Aux. That will be combinded into some insanely large number like 643.7. The exact same judges will review all the bands for their first performances. Then the process is reapeated again with a completely fresh set of judges. Then these scores are combinded into something really $*^#ing large number like 1289.54.

Then the same is applied to a parade review. And the score is then combinded.
Final scores will be like 2385.90 and from there ranking can be done accordingly. Plus there will be sweeps for band guard perc and music.

I came up with this with CONSISTANCY IN MIND!!!!!!!

feel free to suggest changes to this fantasy tournament!

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Post by BlueStarMom » Sun Nov 30, 2003 10:34 pm

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Post by mlgbx » Mon Dec 01, 2003 12:21 am

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Post by MalletMusic » Mon Dec 01, 2003 4:39 pm i dont think this would work. most bands wouldn't even be able to afford trips like this if it is to be held somewhere else for each showing..

Lets just leave it at championships?

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Post by someguywhodoesthings » Mon Dec 01, 2003 4:46 pm

I have a crazy idea.........what in CIF football....there's a bracket.
And you'd qualify and you'd go face to face with one band. Then, you march your show and the highest band score advances. But then again, Mission Viejo would still dominate my area. :(

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Post by bari_benzo » Mon Dec 01, 2003 4:47 pm

Ahh, I thought you were talking about like a
clarinet long dart,
100 yard jazz dash,
sousaphone long throw :twisted:

Interesting concept though. Who's judging system would you use?

I would only say yes because someone from JW North said no :lol:
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Post by CrimsonCadetClarinet » Mon Dec 01, 2003 7:27 pm

This is not a serious idea. Just something to feed your imagination. Now i got people reply about all the technical mumbo jumbo and logistcal planning. Calm down.

There would be no divisions. Judging system would be its own, like i combo of scsboa and wba. And judges would come from both.

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Post by ACE-Driving » Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:30 pm

I have a crazy idea...what if, for a week or two after SCSBOA and WBA Championships, the best bands from both circuits return to compete in one big Southern California championship? And the event would be called...Tournament of Champions! :wink:

Man, I hope TOC comes back next year. :(
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Post by TMR Quint Kid » Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:35 pm

ACE-Driving wrote:I have a crazy idea...what if, for a week or two after SCSBOA and WBA Championships, the best bands from both circuits return to compete in one big Southern California championship? And the event would be called...Tournament of Champions! :wink:

Man, I hope TOC comes back next year. :(
haha good one. Yeah, i really hope they come every year, lol, this is gonna be so awesome, i'm so excited, i just can't wait!

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Post by guardthepiccolo » Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:54 pm

I think that if you're going to have an overall best band thing, then you need to have all differnt band events. Field, parade, concert, jazz, winterguard, and drumline. Then have the highest qualified judges for each event, and do the same thing mentioned above. Then there would be event sweeps, and then a grand overall champion with the top score in all captions.
Should the bands be required to compete in everything? Or could they choose specific captions to compete in?
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They already did this!

Post by Teever » Mon Dec 01, 2003 11:27 pm

Well folks, this was already tried many years ago, and it was called the Music Olympics. Typically held in the spring, it was open to bands from anywhere in California (or elsewhere - I believe I saw some Texas bands once) and groups competed in Field, Parade, and Concert (maybe jazz too, can't remember). I think the last one was held in 1982 or so, maybe one of the "older" posters here can remember (vore or dr?), and the venues ranged from high school theaters to the streets of downtown Anaheim and Anaheim Stadium (when it was "the Big A").

It was eventually dismissed as a huge waste of time, effort, and money.

Silly concept, but dream on...

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Post by vmbronco » Tue Dec 02, 2003 3:23 pm

I think we should put on a field show, parade, and such, but each band would have a battle card and could attack their biggest rival using anything! Like they're in the middle of a show and the whole band jumps out of the bleachers (after the DM give judges the pass! have to be civilized here!) and attacks with their instruments in an all out elimination brawl!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
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