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SCSBOA Class 5A Champion/ Scores/Sweepstakes
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Author:  BlueStarMom [ Sat Nov 22, 2003 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  SCSBOA Class 5A Champion/ Scores/Sweepstakes

Congratulations to the John W North Blue Star Regiment on winning the 2003 SCSBOA Class 5A Championship. This is their 2nd consecutive title.

Sweepstakes Percussion went to Murrieta Valley.
Sweepstakes Auxiliary went to Ramona.

However I would be remiss not to mention congratulation to the 9 other participating units finishing 2nd-9th. It was an outstanding night.

1. 84.9 John W North, Champion
2. 84.2 Murrieta VAlley
3. 82.1 Granada Hills
4. 80.95 Mira Mesa
5. 80.75 Los Altos
6. 79.25 Ramona
7. 78.99 Esperanza
8. 78.6 Savanna
9. 77.9 West (Torrance)
10. 77.2 Helix

p.s. I also had the opportunity to meet Harvey Berisch, World of Pagentry head honcho. A very nice gentlemen indeed, and a pleasure to visit with.

Author:  bari_benzo [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 9:18 am ]
Post subject: 

nice 8-)

Congratulations JWN on your sweepstakes.

Great job Ramona!!!

Author:  Life Of Crime [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 1:25 pm ]
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congratulations to all the bands that performed... I think we all did a great job!!

BSM, I think you also forgot that Murrieta got 1st in percussion... what an accomplishment.

It is said we also got first in music... wild.

Great job everyone!

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  SCSBOA Sweepstakes

Read the top of my posting again. Murrieta Valley is mentioned as Percussions Sweepstakes winner. Congratulations. I heard that (unconfirmed)the BSR had high general effect and possibly music. So one of our two bands got the top music score.

Congratulations to your marching unit. I really love your show at MV!

Author:  Life Of Crime [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 1:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

sorry about that bsm... I guess I must have read over that...

cheers anyways... you guys are great..

Author:  InnocentBystander [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  My Two Cents

The same problem with 3A, I had with 5A. I had only seen a few of the competing groups. But, was impressed with a number of shows. As I stated in another post, If one had gone to the "major" southern cal competitions, you would have seen all these groups at least once. I had only seen 3 of the groups this year. After the performances, I knew it would be between the top 2. One could make an argument for either of them being number 1. Both of them had very entertainig shows. North had a very nice show. Love the propellers of the guard. Forgive me, but by the time the BSR performed, I was so burned out on sound bytes that other bands incorporated in their show, I may have been biased negatively. Is that going to be the trend? Murrietta Valley, reminds me a lot of Chino. They have a nice brassy sound. Yes, they may overblow at times, but that's what some of us like! :lol: Last year Murrietta Valley was in 4A, this year 5A, next year 6A? With some adjustments, I think either of these bands could make the leap to 6A and succeed. The parents and boosters for Murrietta Valley are great! When they competed in 4A last year, I think most of the other people in the stands thought they were going to win because of the crowd reaction. It was the same feeling this year. They applaud and cheer at all the right times, and they just go absolutely crazy at the beginning and end of the show. I'm sure it's great for the band to know they have that kind of genuine support. It was great to see Los Altos back in the mix. You feel for the students in the band because this is their 3rd head director in 3 years. It was funny, because they look and sound like Savanna in blue uniforms! :lol: They are giving what Los Altos had been known for in the past, albeit in a different style. Straight ahead, "solid" high school marching band. And that's not a bad thing. :)

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re BSM

Hello Life,

Not a problem, thanks for your kind reply. :D

I have thoroughly enjoyed the many opportunities to watch the Crimson Cadets and the BSR compete together this season.

I have truly enjoyed your show. Congratulations on your percussion award last night. Please say hi to Goth MV Tenor. 8-)

I met your band booster president Patty, at both TV FST and SCSBOA in Long Beach.

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  re: Class 5A

The Blue Star Regiment has previously competed in 6A, within the last 4 years, in at least one or tow marching seasons, prior to 2003, to the best of my recollection.

When you see the quality of 6A bands, i.e. Etiwanda, Rancho Buena Vista, Chino, just to name a few, it is "Stiff" competition. Forgive me if I forget to mention some of the other 6A marching units. These bands can score in the upper 80's, and low 90's even. That is extremely difficult to compete against. The BSR has been there done that before. Being in 5A the BSR has had many successes. Many bands continue to grow and move up. That is what makes it interesting to go year after year, and see the changes.

Author:  InnocentBystander [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 7:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

It's funny you should mention stiff competition. Some around here remember when John North WAS the stiff competition. :lol: Blue Star Fanfare anybody?

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Sun Nov 23, 2003 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Still competition

JWNorth has a fine band tradition of excellence.

However I have only personally witnessed 4 years (official booster), and this year as a bystander (no BSR member).

My daughter marched 4 years in the BSR.

Author:  CCTpt [ Tue Nov 25, 2003 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Go band!

Thank your for all your love and support! BSR...WOW! I could not have loved their competition more!!! They gave myself and the rest of the Crimson Cadets such a rush!!! They are definately "Stiff" competition. :D I am a senior and i must say Murrieta has sure made some large jumps. I hope to see them in 6a next year. Also, a HUGE congrats to BSR! WOW!So Awesome!Good luck in the future. I could not thank the band and the parents any more. They are such great support. I perform to entertain and they make it worth it! Thank you SO much for your support everyone!!!! BlueStarMom, You are sooo wonderful. Thank you for all your support! Congrats everyone, on a great season. I am glad you liked our show. Good luck next year to all of the bands out there. A last congrats to all of the 5a competitors! Great job.[/quote]

Author:  CCTpt [ Tue Nov 25, 2003 3:13 pm ]
Post subject: 

[quote]Last year Murrietta Valley was in 4A, this year 5A, next year 6A?[/quote]

I remember the year before we were in 4a we were losing in 3a. Every year up a division???? I hope they keep it up when i am gone. Bsr should be in 6a!They have the sound/talent to stiff up the competition there too :arrow: :D

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  BSR and Crimson Cadets

Thank you for your kind words.

Mr Jackson will decide whether Class 5A or 6A, for the BSR. I am not sure how he makes that decision.

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