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Author:  the_swimming_brain [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  Dreaded FUNDRAISING!

What types of fundraisers do other bands out there do?

Our band does not charge monthly band fees, but does charge for uniforms, concert outfits, shoes, etc. as the items show up...

We are getting short on money and we have no ideas for earning money!


How many fundraisers does your band do a year?

For events like crab far in advance do you advertise?

Who are the fundraisers for?...(ie, the candy sale goes to personal account, but the car wash goes to the general fund)


Author:  DJ-PsiLon [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 8:40 am ]
Post subject: 

One of our major fundraisers involves going to TV tapings in LA but I'm from SoCal. Basically there's an agency that books people to watch new and current shows being filmed. For every person that goes you can get between 16-20 dollars.

We also do letters out to the community asking for cash.

Author:  clarinet_j [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 3:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Our band recently had a fundraiser where we sold cheesecakes, cookie dough, your kind of sweetness :D I wanted to buy one of each because they looked soo good!

Author:  Lizzy05 [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 5:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

we just got done with three fundraisers.

1- Westfiled shopping Center tickets (holiday shopping dicsounts)
2- Mary Kay Cosmetics
3- dudley's bread

yes, bread. But it helps so I'm not complaining

Author:  DJ-PsiLon [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 5:12 pm ]
Post subject:

This is the website for what I suggested earlier. Sometimes there's an age requirement but it's still a great and fun way to make some cash.

Author:  altohack [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  fundraisers

Concerts.. probably make the most money cause friends and family come.

Souplantation has this thing called "Fun Raiser" which is basically you go to souplantation, with a flyer which you got from the organization that's being benefited. the organization gets 10-20 % of everyone who came w/ a flyer.
If you have a big band, what I'm thinking is everyone in the band goes to eat... paying their own money (maybe some fun thing for the section) and you get food and support of the band at the same time.

Author:  Vaddpopxsquirrel [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 10:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

We do soo many fundraisers, some by students, some by boosters

Before the year even begins, some students WORK AT INFINEON RACEWAY and are paid hourly, the money goes to their band accounts tho. All you do is sell concessions or work hospitality. It's really fun, you get to see awesome races n sometimes meet racecar drivers.

Throughout the year during football and basketball season, we also are able to WORK AT CAL BERKLEY GAMES. its jus easy stuff like selling concessions.

We also have...
Candy Sales
Car Washs
Cookie Dough Sales
Selling Discount Cards (like a coupon book on a lil card providing discounts to businesses all around the area)
Gift And Wine Auction (by the boosters, raises from 10,000-20,000)
Classic Car Show ( by the boosters, also raises bout 10,000)

Author:  ghsflutemom [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Fundraising via TV Show Tapings

Can you please give me the information for the television taping. The agency information. You may contact me privately if you prefer not to post.
Thank you!

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Fundraising

In the 4 years I was a booster, the BSR has had a multitude of fundraisers.

Every month there is a SCRIP sale. Scrip consists of gift cards, i.e. Stater Brothers, Arco prepaid Gas Cards, KMart gift cards, Home Depot, Starbucks, etc. just to name a few. The band earns a certain % from each vendor.

There have also been:

Oregon Christmas trees, wreaths and poinsettia sale
A once monthly recycling drive, i.e. newspapers, cans and bottles
Candy sales on campus coordinated thru USL (United Student League)
The occasional car wash
Frozen cookie dough sale
The $10 Riverside Community Card, gives discounts at various restaurants
The Holiday shopping night(s) at the Galleria and The Moreno Valley Mall (% of ticket money)
CA Angels group tickets...Buy at group price, sell at profit.
Selling snacks, drinks, pizza, donuts at summer school.

Author:  TrumpetsRule17 [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 11:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

well i definitely agree with the car wash as long as you get people to pledge you a certain amount
another thing that you could do is some kind of special performance for all your parents and friends
at arcadia we have a spaghetti dinner where we feed our guests, play all our music, and then raise money all at the same time from tickets
we also get sponsors from people and companies in our neighborhood
as you can probably see from our website (, we have a special thanks section kinda like an ad for them because they donated a certain amount of money to our music club
we also have their ads on our trailor so i know that donations help a lot
well good luck with raising money for your band

Author:  MCclarinetdude [ Sat Nov 22, 2003 8:44 am ]
Post subject: 

Um, well my band usually does See's candy fundraisers (chocolate bar with toffee nuggets, yum! :D ). We just had a poinsettia (sp?) fundraiser. We also have e-scrip.

I'm suprised that none of you guys have listed this yet, because these things are usually the BIGGEST fundraisers for a lot of bands...


OK, guess that's it!

Author:  altohack [ Sat Nov 22, 2003 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Tournaments

Tournaments COST a lot to put on. They don't earn as much as other stuff.

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