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Author:  coolguyschmutz [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:03 pm ]
Post subject:  SCSBOA Recaps

Is there a reason why SCSBOA doesnt post the recaps online like WBA does. I find them very imformative and I was just wondering if there was reason for not posting them.

Author:  saugusbandgeek [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:09 pm ]
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because we're lucky if we get the scores posted in any decent amount of time, so we don't complain about the recaps :)

Author:  Bandmaster [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 3:22 pm ]
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To be honest, the powers that be at SCSBOA have complained to us that we post the scores at all. I was amazed when they started posting their Championship Grid. I don't know why they consider the scores such a secret????

Author:  dr [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SCSBOA Recaps

coolguyschmutz wrote:
Is there a reason why SCSBOA doesn't post the recaps online like WBA does. I find them very imformative and I was just wondering if there was reason for not posting them.

If you check the websites of the two organizations, you will find that WBA is a group of music educators whose goal is to coordinate and manage a circuit of band competitions. The SCSBOA is a group of music educators that supports all school music activities in Southern California - concert band, orchestra, jazz band, marching band, etc., etc. Judging activities were developed over the years because many of the band directors wanted some standardization of band (concert, marching, jazz, solo/ensemble) adjucation criteria, but also wanted the judges to have some expertise in music education; so the Assocation developed systems of peer-adjudication to fill those needs.

But a VERY, VERY small part what the SCSBOA does is related to band competitions. To post the recaps for all SCSBOA competitions in a given week (anwhere from 5-15 during the fall) would be time-consuming and take away from the office time needed for the organization's other functions. Since the SCSBOA is essentially providing only adjucators and adjudication standards, and is not the events' sponsors or organizers, it isn't obligated to advertise any given event or the results of any given event, except maybe the SCSBOA(-sponsored) Championships (field show tournament).

I personally know that the SCSBOA office staff is quite busy with the activities they already do. They don't really have the time necessary to post event results. The results that you do see posted on these boards is provided by either people who wrote them down during the awards ceremony or people who have copies of the recaps (hosts, judges, or participants). They are not provided by the SCSBOA.

WBA posts the results of the WBA competitions because the competitions essentially ARE the WBA. SCSBOA competitions are definitely NOT the essence of the SCSBOA. [The debate regarding whether or not SCSBOA is a circuit was discussed ad infinitum some time ago, so I won't rehash all of it again. Suffice it to say, the SCSBOA is NOT a marching band circuit.]

That's the long answer. The short answer is that posting event results provides the SCSBOA with no benefit and would take up valuable time. It wouldn't be worth the trouble. :o

Author:  coolguyschmutz [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:24 pm ]
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Aiight, thanks for the info. Dave said that the powers that be in SCSBOA complain about posting the scores, so i'm guessing they would be really unhappy if the recaps were posted. If not, is there anyway that this would be possible?

Author:  vore [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Recaps and the posting there of...

Thank you to "dr" for his precise and concise clarification of the posting of recaps on the SCSBOA website. Too often he, myself, and others in the know spend time explaining the process of decisions made by various music organizations. Most if not all of these questions could be answered by asking the local band director for the answer.

All competing band directors receive a complete recap at all SCSBOA field tournaments and band reviews. It is up to the band director of each competing band to supply his/her students, parents, staff, administration, etc. with the results of the recap. While most directors openly share these recaps with these people, some directors chose not to share all of the information on a recap. To each his own...

Recaps (results) of sporting events such as CIF or the NCAA are published in the local, regional, and national newspapers because there is a high demand by the public for such information. Newspapers are in the information business for profit. In the grand scheme of things, there is little demand by the public for the results of a marching band contest.

The W of P tries to fill this information void through its own publication and this very website. Many directors, fans, and volunteers try to provide the W of P with the results (recaps) of the various marching band contests ASAP.

What is the saying??? "If you want it done right, do it yourself." That is what Harvey, Dave and others are trying to do for you, the students and the fans.


Author:  Teever [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 11:08 pm ]
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Well-said, Dennis and John!
Now, will someone send in the Savanna pm scores!

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