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Post by thewatcher » Sun Nov 16, 2003 10:13 am

First of all congratulations to everyone participating in the Arcadia Band Review and thanks to Arcadia for hosting such a wonderful event for 50 years now!

Close competition throughout and It was interesting to see how eveyone's predicaionts panned out. How did the percussion thing exactly work and who won what? In street and field?

Very Interesting to note:
I was able to get a hand on some recaps and after looking at it I saw something fairly interesting in the class A bands. Top three bands how they placed.

Loara 91.9
Schurr 91.65
EL Rancho 91.35

But here is the breakdown in scores before they are averaged.

Loara Music Scores
Music Judge (Combs) 456
Music Judge (Marino) 463
Difference Between Scores: 7 points

Schurr Music Scores
Music Judge (Combs) 476
Music Judge (Marino) 440
Differecne Between SCores: 36 points!!
(2nd biggest margin of the day in music)

El Rancho Music Scores
Music Judge (Combs) 471
Music Judge (Marino) 431
(Difference Bewtween Scores: 40 Points!!
(Biggest margin of the day in music)

I've seen all three bands this year including yesterday at Arcadia watching all the class A and AA Bands. There is no way that Loara is 30 points better than Schurr or El Rancho. I would even put Kaiser and Kennedy before Loara in music. When you lokk at the score that one judge made the difference for Loara because the difference beween 1st and 3rd was less than .6
Just thought those kids at Schurr and El Rancho would be curious to see that. Congratualtions to those kids because they really deserved proper recognition.

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