logan show

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logan show

Post by silverbone » Sun Nov 16, 2003 9:41 am

anyone have scores from up north?

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Re: logan show

Post by angelgurrl151 » Sun Nov 16, 2003 8:07 pm

silverbone wrote:anyone have scores from up north?
Yup! We just got back from San Francisco and my mom recorded all of the scores so here they are!

Class A

1st- Gilroy- 75.74 (Auxiliary, Visual, and GE Captions)
2nd- Clayton Valley- 74.38 (Percussion Caption)
3rd- Davis- 73.62 (Music Caption)
4th- Ceres- 71.58
5th- Downey-69.04
6th- Johansen- 68.13

Class AA

Sweepstakes (for class A and AA)- Hart-90.25 (Auxiliary, Percussion, Visual, Music, and GE Captions)
1st- Valley Christian- 89.11
2nd- Live Oak- 87.23
3rd- Modesto-81.61
4th- Fremont-79.79
5th- Los Altos- 77.67
6th- Merced- 767.44
7th- Westmont- 71.50
8th-Monta Vista-71.14
9th-Santa Teresa-70.61
10th-Paso Robles-69.53
11th-JF Kennedy-64.62

Class AAA
Sweepstakes (for AAA and AAAA)- Oak Grove-87.95 (Auxiliary, Visual, and GE Captions)
1st-Buchanan-85.96 (Music and Percussion Captions)
2nd-Independence- 76.56

Class AAAA
Amador Valley- 80.62
Why is the football team on the band field???

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