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Arcadia Festival of Bands - Band Review Complete Results
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Author:  dudewheresmycar [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DBar Parade Band

saxguy06 wrote:
What do you guys think of Diamond Bar?
Great improvement over last year... i felt really bad when the F16 flew over, and then even worse when I realized that motorcycle was going to be in there way... great sound though :D ... until the plane came :cry:

I thought Diamond Bar was awesome. You guys have always been a decent parade band in the past, but this year you guys totally stepped it up a notch. Great sound, great colorguard - great job guys! The F-18 flying over head did suck though. It totally drowned your sound out, but I don't think that really affected your score based on your placement. Great job again, it was a pleasure seeing you all perform.

Author:  bandfanatic [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:33 pm ]
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so where do you think Arcadia would have placed if they were competing

Author:  dudewheresmycar [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:57 pm ]
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bandfanatic wrote:
so where do you think Arcadia would have placed if they were competing

I think they would've placed behind Mt. Carmel in parade and behind RBV in field. I'm assuming members of the Apache Marching Band will find out on Monday how they faired against all the bands that competed.

Where do you think they would place?

Author:  bandfanatic [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 2:00 pm ]
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for street i don't think they would have faired to good since it did seem like they used EVERYONE for their parade band. i saw atleast 10 snares and all they did was play the rolloff ;p. a bigger parade band = more mistakes even though it does seem cooler but if they did have their usual parade band i would say they would be up their with RB and mt carmel. for field, looking at their season scores, seems like they have been up and down (85 to 89 then down to 88) i didn't see any major problems except for a few people being out of form or shape so i would say it was one of their "good" performances and their top score has been a 91 so i would have to say between 90-92

Author:  weezer [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 2:55 pm ]
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Author:  TrumpetsRule17 [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 3:06 pm ]
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well yea whole band in parade
i thought it was a bit slippery on the field and stuff when we got there
i thought it was a pretty good performance for us despite rain

Author:  Martinez1 [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Great Job Everyone!!

I just want to congratulate every group who participated in the Festival of Bands :D . It was one of the best festivals I have ever seen. I think I'm feeling a little sick from the light rain last night, but it was fun though. And thanks to all the bands for staying to perform, especially the 6A bands when the rain started to come down just a little more. I do have a few comments and PLEASE do not take anything personal; it's only my opinion:

I thought Schurr High School (Montebello) could have scored higher than their score of 91. something (sorry, don't remember exact score). Just a couple of weeks ago, they received a 93.45 at the Chino Invitational Band Review, placing them third overall in that event only behind Montebello (1st) and Arcadia (Sweepstakes). In my opinion, they performed a lot better at Arcadia yet received a lower score than when they were at Chino. Great Job to Schurr High School and keep up the good work. I thought other bands could have scored a little higher also but Shurr High School was the one that surprised me the most.

All the bands in AA did an outstanding job. I was blown away by Rancho Bernardo!! Special merits to that group. They looked focused and the way they played Washington Greys amazed me. It was almost like perfection!

Mt. Carmel did an outstanding job as well and hopefully they can win next year since they were narrowly beaten by their rivals this year again!

Bonita Vista: Well what can I say about that group. Congratulations to the Auxiliary for taking Band Review Sweepstakes, and to the other auxiliary groups also who came in very close to almost winning Aux. sweepstakes (El Dorado and Rancho Bernardo). I do think though that in the field, Bonita Vista's auxiliary should have scored higher than the score they received. The band did a great job during the Band Review as well as on the field.

Dimond Bar looked great on the street and I think they could have scored just a little higher had it not been for that F-18 that flew over them, but they recived the third best score overall (band review), so congratulations to them. They have a superv Band Director and will continue to do extremely well.

Chino, Diamond Bar, Mt. Carmel, and Racho Buena Vista did a great job on the field and should be very proud of their scores. They were all less than point apart!! I think what hurt Kennedy's score was that they performed without a colorguard/aux. unit but Im not so sure about that.

El Dorado looked awesome on both parade and field. I loved that Chicago theme they performed. I did notice improvement from when they performed it at the Mt. Carmel Invitational and their score proved it! The aux. unit did very well also.

Again Congratulations to the all the participating groups at the Arcadia Festival of Bands and best of luck to those participating at the SCSBOA Championships in San Diego next week.

Author:  altohack [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  arcadia scores

I think that if arcadia did get to place at their own tourny, they wouldn't use the entire band, so probably right below rancho bernado, or maybe even above them.
as for field, i think they would have scored right behind el dorado, like they did at the chino tournament. (the score would have been really close)

Thanks Arcadia for putting on a great tournament.

Author:  dudewheresmycar [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Review

Here's my review of the AA bands:

Bonita Vista - Their colorguard lived up to expectations, absolutely the hardest routine of the day (spinning their flags and catching them from behind), great job and much deserved auxiliary sweeps. Band had a good overall sound, but ranks/diagonals weren't as straight as other bands I saw. I wasn't a fan of the back flags incorporated into the band.
Glendora - Nice bagpipe and colorguard intro; pretty clean. When the bagpipers walked by in their diagonal line though, it was a bit crooked. Ensemble played "British Eigth" nicely; good files and ranks.
Vista - Vista's colorguard took a step down from what it used to be IMO, but they had a clean routine. Great sound from band, but some brass parts stuck out. "Arnhem" was one of those marches that you don't typically hear, but Vista delivered it well.
Chino - I was surprised their colorguard didn't place, I thought the routine was a lot easier than other groups, but much cleaner by far. I felt bad for the Drum Major who dropped his baton, but he recovered quickly. Files and diagonals were fairly straight and overall sound of the group was warm and clean (espcially the trio). I felt they should've placed higher than what they were given.
Montebello - I had never heard The "Pathfinder of Panama" before and did this group sure get me hooked. I also thought they deserved to place higher than they did. Colorguard had a fairly decent routine and sound of the group was nice however files were a bit crooked.
Diamond Bar - I think this group was the breakthrough group of the day. Though it was third time I heard "Ancient and Honorable. . ." it was the best I heard that day. Colorguard had a clean and active routine and I was surprised they didn't place as well. Still great job to the group and look for them to be one of the elite parade groups next year.
Rubidoux - I think this group would have faired better in another class. Colorguard routine was very simple and the band had a good sound. The group was a bit small compared to other bands in the class.
El Dorado - Good colorguard/banner routine, very clean. Overall sound was a bit brassy and young. I saw them perform this at Mount Carmel and again at Arcadia, hoping for a huge improvement, but I thought this march was a little too much for the group.
Mount Carmel - Colorguard was a bit dirty in the beginning, but got better. Nice overall sound but I wanted to hear the clarinet runs more, it was a bit muffled. Great ranks and files. This group delivered an awesome performance once again and proved why they are one of the best parade groups in So Cal.
Rancho Bernardo - Colorguard seemed a bit off in the beginning also but came together eventually. Last three files were a bit crooked, and diagonals were ok. This group has an amazing sound that is hard to compare, kind of like a concert band on the street. Very clean attacks and runs, and though I'm not a fan of "Washington Greys", they delivered this march nicely.

Judges' scores (My Scores):
95.65 Rancho Bernardo (95.55)
95.35 Mt. Carmel (95.15)
94.05 Diamond Bar (94.70)
93.85 El Dorado (93.55)
93.70 Bonita Vista (92.35)
93.35 Chino (94.25)
93.35 Montebello (94.10)
92.45 Vista (93.25)
91.65 Glendora (92.80)
85.10 Rubidoux (87.25)

Author:  mightyhorn [ Mon Nov 17, 2003 3:19 pm ]
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Author:  TrumpetsRule17 [ Tue Nov 18, 2003 11:52 pm ]
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i think the judges had higher expectations for scores because its so far into the year and the mistakes from previous competitions should be fixed
dont worry too much about the scores but look at how you feel your band did

Author:  TrumpetsRule17 [ Thu Nov 20, 2003 11:31 pm ]
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well top bands were AA
so it kinda went down from there
i think it depends on your scores or something
im not too sure how it works but yea

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