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5a Tossup? Scsboa Champs!
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Author:  The Aceman [ Mon Nov 10, 2003 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  5a Tossup? Scsboa Champs!

Alot of people have been saying 5A is one of the biggest tossup's of all the divisions. So who do you think will take it, predictions? And by the way predictions arent looking at the scores and putting it in the same order. If you feel it will end up in the same order as the scores are now justify it by giving comments on why the bands will place how you predict. Good Luck to all the 5A bands at championships, it should be interesting. :D :D :D

Author:  shsrebel [ Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  ?

It really hard to choose because u never know what going to happen anyone can win. I go to savanna and we have not compete with many 5a bands. We got second last year at championship and i dont know how were going to do this year, but i hope our hard work pays off. Good luck to all the 5a bands

Author:  OHSwoodwindplayer [ Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:26 pm ]
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I think Murietta Valley will take it I finally saw there sho at Vista and I was so impressed. I loved your guys show. good luck.

Author:  IsnipeWithAknife [ Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:26 pm ]
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I'm always gonna be rooting for granada! always have been. everytime i'm at the lunch lines while granada performs everyone makes me take their food orders so they can go watch! i havent seen much of the other bands so i'm sure they'll be awesome but i'm just gonna be rootin for granada!

gl to all the other bands! 5A is always fun to watch

Author:  MalletMusic [ Tue Nov 11, 2003 4:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

Isn't there already a thread on this? I haven't seen many of the other 5a bands so I can't say who will win.

Author:  formermarcher [ Tue Nov 11, 2003 4:21 pm ]
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myvelouria94 wrote:
Isn't there already a thread on this? I haven't seen many of the other 5a bands so I can't say who will win.

The thread you are probably thinking of isn't exactly like this one.

This thread is asking who do you think will win 5A SCSBOA championships.
The other thread is asking who will make it into 5A SCSBOA Championships.

Hpe that clarifies it for you!

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Tue Nov 11, 2003 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  5a

The JWN BSR won the 1st SCSBOA 5A title last year, just beating Savanna.

It will take a top performance to win. The top 3 are pretty close in preliminary qualifying scores.

Good luck to all 10 5A competitors.

Author:  saugusbandgeek [ Tue Nov 11, 2003 9:05 pm ]
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Granada has an incredible show this year, very well designed and executed. However, I haven't seen John North or Murietta Valley, so I won't be making any arbitrary predictions.

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Tue Nov 11, 2003 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Predictions

I have not had the opportunity to see Granada Hills. I have seen the performances of Murrieta Valley and the BSR from JW North compete 3 separate times.

I also cannot speculate on shows I have not seen. Best of luck to all 5A bands at the championships.

Author:  coolguyschmutz [ Sun Nov 16, 2003 9:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

So i am bumping this up to the convo started again. After another weekend of intense competition, 2-4 bands facing each other, any new predictions. Honestly, I think anything can happen. With band being judged the way it does, it depends on how the judges at championships like each of the shows. Plus there is a whole week on intense practices a head
As for what I think will happen:

Top 3 (in no particualr order):
Granada Hills
JW North
Murietta Valley

Percussion: Granda Hills
Aux: JW North

Good luck to all and see ya on Saturday

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