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40th annual Grape Bowl Classic Field Lineup

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:42 am
by JRZ
1A Del Mar HS 4:15pm
1A West Campus HS 4:30
1A Tracy Learning Center HS 4:45
2A Cordova HS 5:00
HOST Lodi HS 5:15
3A Del Oro HS 6:15
3A Vintage HS 6:30
4A Monterey Trail HS 6:45
4A Elk Grove HS 7:00
4A Antelope HS 7:15
5A John F Kennedy HS 7:45
5A Laguna Creek HS 8:00
6A Redwood HS 8:15
6A Milpitas HS 8:30
6A California HS 8:45
6A Cupertino HS 9:00

Parade Awards @ 9:30pm in the Grape Bowl Stadium