2016 NCBA Parade Power Rankings - Week 1/2

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2016 NCBA Parade Power Rankings - Week 1/2

Post by Blindman » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:38 am

I would like to attempt something that was attempted in the past by another user since we don't normally get a shot at this in Northern California. With the amount of parade competitors we have, it would be interesting to see where people fall on a competitive scale.

The NCBA Fall season is currently a nine week season, which began at the end of September and is currently moving through to about the end of November. That will be more than enough time to observe many of the amazing bands out there.

First, let me throw out that this is by no means anything official and should not be taken as such. While scores will be taken from all competitions in the fullest way possible, it should be taken with a grain of salt and can be seen as an educational tool. Since scores in the NCBA do not "elevate" throughout the season, there will most likely be a deviation in numbers from time to time.

How this will work for the first five weeks (Week 1 through 5), an average of all participating bands' scores will be taken, regardless of the amount of times they've competed in those five weeks. After Week 5 (10/22), a mid-season score will be presented. Following that week until the final week, a band's top three highest scores will be averaged into the final overall score. All bands will be ranked accordingly, regardless of class or size, as bands are scored the same. Also note that there is a possibility of Band "B" beating Band "A", and Band "A" will still be at the top of the rankings. Why? Again, the first half of the season is ranked on all five weeks. Once we pass the midway point, a band's three highest scores will be taken into account and that should change the rankings accordingly.

I would like to split bands, however, based on this scoring rhetoric for the first half of the season, then reclassify them once everyone has competed to what I hope will be five, if not four, overall classes.
  • Class 3A: 85.00-100.00
    Class 2A: 75.00-84.99
    Class 1A: 50.00-74.99
So, without further delay, here are the current rankings from Week 1 and 2. More will be added as scores come in from this Saturday's competitions (provided they are released on time).

  • [01] 92.50 - Golden Valley
    [02] 92.35 - Armijo
    [03] 90.95 - Irvington "A"***
    [04] 90.90 - Merced
    [05] 89.60 - South San Francisco
    [06] 89.35 - Lincoln (Stockton)
    [07] 87.60 - Buhach Colony
    [08] 87.05 - Santa Cruz
    [09] 85.60 - Mount Eden
    [10] 84.30 - Irvington "B"
    [11] 83.75 - Northgate
    [11] 83.75 - Oakdale
    [13] 83.40 - Capuchino
    [14] 82.05 - Los Banos
    [15] 81.65 - Atwater
    [16] 81.60 - Archbishop Riordan
    [17] 80.85 - Livingston
    [18] 80.40 - Del Mar
    [19] 80.10 - San Mateo
    [20] 78.50 - Deer Valley
    [21] 77.40 - Patterson
    [22] 76.75 - East Union
    [23] 75.75 - Freedom
    [24] 70.60 - Jefferson
    [25] 69.50 - Ygnacio Valley
  • [01] 87.75 - Armijo
    [02] 86.60 - Merced
    [03] 86.55 - Golden Valley
    [04] 82.25 - Buhach Colony
    [05] 78.30 - Santa Cruz
    [06] 77.80 - Mount Eden
    [07] 77.30 - Patterson
    [08] 77.00 - Livingston
    [09] 75.30 - South San Francisco
    [10] 75.18 - Irvington "A"***
    [11] 73.80 - Irvington "B"
    [12] 73.70 - Lincoln (Stockton)
    [13] 73.65 - San Mateo
    [14] 72.25 - Archbishop Riordan
    [15] 72.15 - Atwater
    [16] 71.40 - Deer Valley
    [17] 71.35 - Los Banos
    [18] 70.20 - Capuchino
    [19] 70.00 - Ygnacio Valley
    [20] 69.60 - Northgate
    [21] 68.80 - Del Mar
    [22] 68.30 - Jefferson
    [23] 64.10 - East Union
    [24] 64.00 - Oakdale
    [25] 60.65 - Freedom
*** - Irvington "A", according to the recaps, is the only school that has competed twice in the last two weeks. This should be noted as their score is currently the only "true" averaged score until this weekend.

I currently have 67 bands listed to compete and that may change throughout the season as bands are added or subtracted from the listing. I'm excited to see what we can learn from this and what potential can be realized throughout the season.

Good luck to all competing bands this season!
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Re: 2016 NCBA Power Rankings - Week 1/2

Post by snareguy83 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:14 pm


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Re: 2016 NCBA Power Rankings - Week 1/2

Post by Blindman » Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:24 pm

snareguy83 wrote:Percussion?
I will update it to reflect the percussion rankings by tomorrow.

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Re: 2016 NCBA Power Rankings - Week 1/2

Post by Blindman » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:38 am

snareguy83 wrote:Percussion?
I have the rankings available, but they won't make much sense until I have more data. Honestly, the numbers in the NCBA in terms of percussion are a little more inconsistent than the color guard and parade band captions (no disrespect to the adjudicators), therefore the scores can either spike or be way lower on any given day. For example, at the Antioch Band Review, Irvington "A" received a score of 70.60 (2nd). At their next competition, the Del Mar Band Review, they got a score of 87.10 (1st). This averages to a 78.85 as their overall score before mid-season. Irvington "B", however, scored a 81.80 at their first competition, and puts them at RANK 1, because they have the highest score so far, even though Golden Valley, at the Antioch Band Review, received a 79.70 (1st), which was 9 points above Irvington "A", which puts the possibility of Golden Valley scoring a higher number if they had competed at the Del Mar competition.

While I know for sure that the color guard caption has been pretty consistent and diligent in training their adjudicators to follow the scoring rubric as closely as possible, there is also the fact that both the parade band captions and the color guard captions are scored by two adjudicators. This keeps the score from flying off the lower or higher ends of the scale. The percussion caption does not have that, as it is scored by only one adjudicator. Again, since NCBA scores do not elevate throughout the season and are based on a unit's performance from week to week, the scores from one adjudicator can make a huge difference depending on that week and that unit's performance. Not to mention, depending on the adjudicator's interpretation of the scoring rubric, which can be evidenced by Irvington's varsity score going up about 17 points in one week.

TL:DR - Once we reach the mid-season, maybe even after Week 4 (Santa Cruz Band Review), the numbers will make better sense because we'll have a better pool of numbers to pull from.

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