Franklin Band Review Lineup

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Franklin Band Review Lineup

Post by JCYS » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:12 pm

At Franklin HS in Elk Grove, Oct. 8th
There is also concert and jazz comps going on in the morning and afternoon at FHS.

Franklin HS HOST 12:00
Toby MS MS 12:05 PM
Weaver MS MS 12:10 PM
River Valley C 12:15 PM
Gustine C 12:20 PM
Orestimba C 12:25 PM
Paradise C 12:30 PM
Yuba City C 12:35 PM
Rosemont C 12:40 PM
Galt/Liberty B 12:45 PM
Tracy B 12:50 PM
River City B 12:55 PM
Cordova A 1:05 PM
Pleasant Grove A 1:10 PM
Concord A 1:15 PM
Benicia A 1:20 PM
Oak Ridge AA 1:25 PM
Woodcreek AA 1:30 PM
L.P.O AA 1:35 PM
Elk Grove AA 1:40 PM
Rodriguez 3A 1:45 PM
Fairfield 3A 1:50 PM
Golden Valley 3A 1:55 PM
Inderkum 4A 2:00 PM
Pitman 4A 2:05 PM

Field Show (at Consumnes Oaks HS)
West Campus A 6:00 PM
Florin 2A 6:15 PM
Del Oro 2A 6:30 PM
Phoenix 2A 6:45 PM
Union Mine 2A 7:00 PM
Vintage 3A 7:15 PM
Monterey Trail 4A 7:45 PM
Elk Grove 4A 8:00 PM
Cosumnes 4A 8:15 PM
Laguna Creek 5A 8:30 PM
JFK 5A 8:45 PM
Rodriguez 5A 9:00 PM
California 5A 9:15 PM

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Re: Franklin Band Review Lineup

Post by tao707 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:34 pm

Videos are uploaded from earlier this afternooon. Didn't record Tracy because of bad camera view. Field show is being uploaded throughout the the rest of the night

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Re: Franklin Band Review Lineup

Post by Blindman » Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:58 pm

Thank you Sid! Appreciate the awesomeness... Now... about those recaps! :lol:

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Re: Franklin Band Review Lineup

Post by Cardinal Regime » Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:22 pm

I don't have the scores in front of me, but Golden Valley was the big winner at the Franklin Band Review today. They won overall parade and showmanship sweepstakes, color guard sweepstakes and percussion sweepstakes.

Benicia took the music and marching sweepstakes.

Congratulations to all of today's performers.

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