NCBA Lineup: 38th Annual Grape Bowl Classic/ Lodi, CA

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NCBA Lineup: 38th Annual Grape Bowl Classic/ Lodi, CA

Post by DG95 » Sun Nov 01, 2015 3:10 pm


Boy Scouts 9:50 AM
Grand Marshal 9:55 AM
(Host) Tokay HS 10:00 AM

Weaver MS 10:05 AM
Hogan MS 10:10 AM

1A Orestimba HS 10:15 AM
1A Wheatland Union HS 10:20 AM

2A San Ramon Valley HS 10:25 AM
2A Del Mar HS 10:30 AM
2A San Benito HS 10:35 AM
2A Deer Valley HS 10:40 AM

3A Central HS 10:45 AM
3A Concord HS 10:50 AM
3A Galt/Liberty Ranch HS 10:55 AM
3A Cordova HS 11:00 AM

4A Dixon HS 11:05 AM
4A Woodcreek HS 11:10 AM
4A Freedom HS 11:15 AM
4A Las Plumas/Oroville HS 11:20 AM
4A Elk Grove HS 11:25 AM

5A Lincoln HS 11:30 AM
5A Inderkum HS 11:35 AM

Awards at Stadium 1:30 PM (Subject to Change)

Field Show

Lodi HS Choir (National Anthem) 2:40 PM
Lodi HS (Host) 2:45 PM

1A Tracy Learning Center HS 3:00 PM
1A Wilcox HS 3:15 PM
1A West Campus HS 3:30 PM
1A Nevada Union HS 4:00 PM

Break 4:15 PM

2A Florin HS 4:30 PM
2A Tracy HS 4:45 PM
2A Roseville HS 4:45 PM
2A Del Oro HS 5:00 PM
2A Del Mar HS 5:15 PM

3A Spanish Springs 5:30 PM
3A Central HS 5:45 PM
3A Clayton Valley HS 6:00 PM
3A Reed HS 6:15 PM
3A El Dorado HS 6:30 PM

Break 7:00 PM

4A N. Valley HS 7:30 PM
4A Monterey Trail HS 7:45 PM
4A Oakridge HS 8:00 PM
4A Laguna Creek HS 8:15 PM
4A Cesar Chavez HS 8:30 PM
4A Ponderosa HS 8:45 PM
4A Vintage HS 9:00 PM
4A Elk Grove HS 9:15 PM

5A Cupertino HS 9:30 PM

Awards at Stadium 10:15 PM (Subject to Change)

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