Lester Oaks FST results....

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Lester Oaks FST results....

Post by BlueStarMom » Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:25 pm

Auxilliary Class 1A
78.05 Arlington
70.25 San Jacinto
? Norte Vista

Auxiliary Class 2A
79.25 Colony
74.2 Alta Loma
73.2 Palm Desert
70.4 Redlands East Valley

Auxiliary Class 3A
74.55 Riverside Poly
73.4 La Quinta

Auxiliary Class 4A
83.85 Trabuco Hills

Auxiliary Class 5A
80.15 Murrieta Valley

Percussion Class 1A
76.8 Arlintgon
60.1 Norte Vista
56.5 San Jacinto

Percussion Class 2A
82.3 Alta Loma
80.0 Colony
76.0 Redlands East Valley
70.7 Palm Desert

Percussion Class 3A
83.2 La Quinta
74.4 Riverside Poly

Percussion Class 5A
82.8 Murrieta Valley
80.8 John W North

Band Class 1A
69.1 Arlington
65.7 Norte Vista
64.5 San Jacinto

Band Class 2A
74.3 Alta Loma
71.95 Redlands East Valley
71.8 Colony
68.10 Palm Desert

Band Class 3A
80.65 Riverside Poly
79.45 La Quinta

Band Class 4A
82.15 Trabuco Hills

Band Class 5A
82.65 John W North

High Visual 170 Trabuco Hills
High General Effect 246 Murrieta Valley
High Music 375.5 Murrieta Valley
Auxilliary Sweepstakes 85.4 John W North
Percussion Sweepstakes 84.8 Trabuco Hills
Band Sweepstakes 83.25 Murrieta Valley

Grand Sweepstakes 174.45 John W North

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Post by Frankfan » Sun Nov 02, 2003 8:53 am

Great show for Lester Oaks yesterday--what beautiful marching weather.

It was especially great considering that most bands didn't get to rehearse until late Thursday due to the smoke conditions. Good job everyone!

I enjoyed (in no particular order) --

Alta Loma (SO musical)
Riverside Poly
Murrieta Valley

Thanks everyone--it was fun!

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