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Music vs Music Effect (scsboa)
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Author:  uci_guy [ Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Music vs Music Effect (scsboa)

Since I can't find the sheets and I'm curious, what are the basic nuances between Music and Music Effect? I realize the music effect box is more of how the music meshes with the visual package and less about individual performance, but I'm assuming there is a strong positive correlation between the two. Thanks.

Author:  1000 Charts [ Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Music vs Music Effect (scsboa)

Here are some answers to your question, with details regarding Music Effect:

Repertoire Effectiveness
Creativity/Imagination of the Program Concept - The first descriptor on the sheet is a determination of the effectiveness of the Musical Program Concept. This is about elements of the program that are recognized as fresh and new or that use familiar ideas in a new way. It does not mean that the program must have some type of defining story or theme. Creativity and imagination does not need a theme, it can be displayed independently without being interconnected. Sample comments:
 From a design point I really like the mood you set in some of these transparent moments………
 Interesting mood created to start your program…….
 Excellent intrigue at this part of the program concept but lack of clarity in articulations diminishes the effectiveness of the moment………
Coordination/Staging of Audio and Visual Elements – The next descriptor on the sheet is one of the most critical elements in producing effect. This encompasses the designed blend of all musical elements to enhance the whole and to produce effect. It also infers that Music Effect Judges consider ALL elements to be part of creating music effect. Surely we agree that the Auxiliary could contribute to music effect. A great moment of musical effect can be maximized/enhanced by a superb Auxiliary contribution. Sample comments:
 There needs to be a better sense of communication between all the elements. Some of the coordination of the musical events is not necessarily setup for success here……….
 The staging of the auxiliary is not setup for success here; the auxiliary vocabulary displayed at this impact point does not enhance the effect, but actually diminishes it……….
 Wonderful moment here of blending all elements together. Good for you!
 The melodic material is moving away from the audience…….visually you are backing away but musically the expectation is to have the melody be more prominent….I am not hearing what I see…..
Climaxes (Tension/Release) - The presentation of musical impacts and climaxes, melodic, harmonic or rhythmic intrigue and release, creating either excitement or fade-out, whichever completes the desired effect in the musical program. Sample comments:
 Make sure you have a little more depth in the sound on that resolution so you can maximize the design intent…….
 Your exit fade-out at the end creates a wonderful resolution from an aesthetic point........
 Strong impact here …. Be sure to center pitch so the harmonic intent is realized……
 Nice resolution getting to this moment…. it is very clear and impactful….. Just a little more from that low end so we get that great resonance in this climax…………..
Continuity and Pacing - The presentation of musical program segments that have continuity and pacing through which the audience remains engaged. Pacing: The “when” factor of planned effects indicating how close together, how often and how large those intentional effect are. Sample comments:
 Great brass and woodwind exposure here …..At times a bit disconnected how you go from brass to woodwind segments…… Work on displaying a stronger connection and intensity from section to section…….
 The pacing of the musical ideas is disjointed at this moment and limited up to this point. Continue to work on connecting the program concepts…………….
 The change of equipment in the auxiliary at this moment weakens the audio program as it is occurs in the middle of a phrase….
Use and Variety of Expression – The intent of this descriptor is to give credit for the provision in the music program of nuance, dynamics and articulations appropriate to the style of the music selected. This is an area of overlap as it could be program or performance generated. Sample comments (it is okay to ask questions):
 Like the way the repertoire is incorporating appropriate articulations so important to the idiomatic style of the music.….
 The music program at this moment seems to lack energy…….not sure if dynamics are indicated….if not, you might experiment and try creating more dynamic contrast in music scoring and subsequently performance…..
 Wonderful, expressive moment in your repertoire …….. be sure to maximize the nuances
Performance Effectiveness
Communication of Music Intent – The performers show understanding of the written program and present emotional, aesthetic and intellectual levels of communication with the audience.
How effectively do the performers engage the audience through excellence, skill and emotional commitment? Sample comments:
 Emotion of the music has to come across… need to feel it, project it and emotionally engage the audience………
 Terrific moment here……. You definitely grab the audience with your intensity……..
 Thoroughly enjoyed this segment………you kept surprising me and kept me engaged…….
 You as performers can do more here in terms of commitment to sell these ideas…………the ideas have potential but you must communicate them…….
 Good achievement in the communication of musical intent but the volume of the percussion section at this moment detracts from the overall musicality and emotion of the music……………..
Artistry/Musicality - The application of the elements of musicality such as phrasing, sonority, beauty, pace (tempo, rubato), dynamics and nuance combine to create or heighten the effect of the musical performance. Sample comments:
 Nice resolution getting to this moment…. it is very clear….. like the transparency of the event….just a little more from that low end so we get that resonance…. still beautiful moment here…………..
 High level of artistry at this moment…….phrasing is well defined creating a high level of musicality………
 This moment really highlights your strong commitment to musicality………mature tone production is sustained and delivers the aural effects of the total program very well…….
 This moment highlights some inconsistencies in your approach to musicality…… phrasing is very sporadic and inconsistent and therefore fails to deliver the aural intent of this moment…….
 Thoroughly enjoyed this segment………wonderful sense of artistry and musicality….
Technical Excellence - The proficiency of technical skills or virtuosity that elicits a response from the listener. The degree to which musical execution achievement levels enhance the overall effectiveness of the performance.
 Not well communicated as it relates to the technical aspects of the woodwind exposure………continue to work on making it sound easy and effortless………
 Wonderful moment of technical virtuosity……..well played and staged……….you really got my attention………
 From a design standpoint I appreciate the technical demand component of the music program…… be sure that the execution is up to the task…… times there is a lack of achievement which is diminishing the effectiveness of the performance…………
Attention to detail/Professionalism - The presentation of detail in the musical performance and understanding of all of their responsibilities.
 I commend you on your high degree of professionalism… is obvious you take pride in your presentation……..
 At certain moments during your performance details, both visually and musically, are sloppy……. this is especially noticeable during demanding visual or musical moments……….continue to work on providing a sense of pride and confidence……….

Author:  uci_guy [ Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Music vs Music Effect (scsboa)

thank you

Author:  Jim Bunselmeier [ Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Music vs Music Effect (scsboa)

Well done Dave.

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