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Author:  ODannyBoi [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I hate being a small but semi-good band

When I left my old school last year, I geared everything I did towards the transitions of directors. I invited the new director to the spring concert and left as much info about the way my band worked as possible. I didn't expect him to keep everything the same, but I wanted at least to inform him of what we were used to. I also orchestrated meetings between him and the future leadership of the Regiment. I know that there were some conflicts in the beginning, mostly from obstinate upperclassmen. I responded to every email complaining about the "new guy" in the same way: "It's not the same band, and it may go in a new direction. It's up to the student leaders to help the director lead the band in that new (or whatever) direction, or the band will fail."

Author:  saugusbandgeek [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 3:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

Charter Oak is cool! I met someone from Charter Oak when I was taking my SATs, really cute :) Charter Oak's a great program. And I have to agree, you have to support your director, especially if he/she is new. I mean really, just because he/she directs differently doesn't make it better or worse, give 'em your full support and trust, and see what happens, maybe it'll be worse.......but then again it might be better.

Author:  Ryan H. Turner [ Thu Nov 13, 2003 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I hate being a small but semi-good band

Mattjs15 wrote:
:( My fresh year we had a great director. We had the Mummy Show and we went to TOC. Then he left at the end of the year and we got a crappy ass director that i personlly hate and so does a lot of other people. We were in 3a,then when she came we went to 2a. The year after that we went to 1a. Do you see a pattern. I do. Now that we are in 1a we are in 3rd place in the division but since we are so small we are not recognized. It hurts to see so many posts about the bands for the Championships that we are going to and not see our name anywhere any it. This is JURUPA VALLEY. We may be small, we may start of every year crappy but by the end we pack a mighty punch and show everyone else what we are all about.
PS. We are the ones in the crappy Pirates constumes doing the Pirate's of the Carribean. Good movie= Crappy show but we can do it. I hope

:evil: :evil: :evil: first I was thinking this was flame bait, and I took it hook line and sinker. But then...I got to thinking...

New guy on the board syndrome...

You know "Matt", if you were anywhere near a band I was teaching, I would point to the nearest door and ask you to make sure you shut it behind you on your way out. To come on and publicly put down your director and program does absolutely NOTHING but humiliate your program and those in the program that ARE working hard that DON'T think it's a stupid show. Needless to say, it does nothing for YOUR image either.

If you're THIS unhappy, please, quickly, just call it quits and move on to something you enjoy. Don't worry about being a bigger person than you already are and attempting to do your best with what you have and for the good of the overall, don't do anything noble like that. But please...I can hardly think that your marching band program is the best fit for you.

Move on...sheeeeeeeeeesh.....

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  re TOC

Was TOC officially disbanded when SCSBOA began their own Championship last year? Or is it still in existence in a different form with a new name? These rumours were flying about last year.

The BSR used to go to TOC. When my daughter marched with the BSR, they skipped TOC one year.

Author:  Ryan H. Turner [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 5:57 am ]
Post subject: 

Tournament of Champions is still in existence as an independent show--at the Santa Ana Bowl as well.

Author:  vore [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  TOC is MIA...

Recently, I was told by more than one MDHS Band staff member that the TOC for 2003 is a "no go." Whether the TOC is ever revived in the future, I have no idea. Once the showcase event for the end of the SCSBOA season, the event has fallen on hard times over the past 10 years... My own bands competed in the TOC from the very first year of 1974 until the mid 1990's. From the time period of 1981 until 1991, it was the "thee event" of the combine band review and field tournaments in Southern California. (insert music here...)

John Hausey
Director of Bands
Magnolia HS
La Puente HS

Author:  Personal [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 9:41 am ]
Post subject: 

I talked to a teacher that I know last week, and yes, TOC has been cancelled this year. From 1999-2003, my band took sweeps at this most prestigious event. It saddens me to see it go. But, there is a new tournament now, SCSBOA championships. I only hope that it can live up to the shoes it is filling.

Author:  Mattjs15 [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 2:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Sorry

I am sorry about my earlier post. To those who disagree with me, i agree with you. I got caught up in my thoughts and i was having a little bit of a bad day. Personal Problems. Anyways, the program isnt as bad as I made it seem and I love it with it passion no matter if we got last place just cause I love music. Well, the point I was trying to get across that got lost in the shouting was the fact that nobody ever mentioned us in the line up for SCSBOA. This is because is we are a 1a band and nobody really notices us as much as they used to when we were a 3a 2 years ago or even 2a last year. Anyway, I would enjoy it if someone would post the line-up for the 1a bands for me please.
PS. Once again, i am sorry about my earlier post :?

Author:  BlueStarMom [ Fri Nov 14, 2003 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Toc

Yes I know very well. JWN competed the same years except one, when my daughter marched in the BSR.

The BSR won the 1st 5A SCSBOA championship last year. What a way for my daughter to end her HS marching career. She graduated 2003 June.

Author:  batontwirler187 [ Wed Nov 19, 2003 9:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

Oh puhleez, John W North is nothing compaired to Riverside Poly their #4 so far and were 3rd overall in our division for championships, odds are we have a better change of winning outs than they have to win theirs. sorry north but Poly Pride all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO BEARS! :P

Author:  DJ-PsiLon [ Wed Nov 19, 2003 9:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

batontwirler187 wrote:
Oh puhleez, John W North is nothing compaired to Riverside Poly their #4 so far and were 3rd overall in our division for championships, odds are we have a better change of winning outs than they have to win theirs. sorry north but Poly Pride all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO BEARS! :P

Don't let your pride get the better of you. Your posting comes across as rude to John North, AND you have made yourself flame bait for everyone else. Is that what you really intended to do? There are much more POSITIVE ways to voice your opinion on how good your band is without painting a target on your own forehead. :shock:

Author:  DJ-PsiLon [ Wed Nov 19, 2003 11:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Keep it clean in here. Remember you are representing your band when you make statements. I don't think your director wants people to look down on a band while only person ruins it for the rest.

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Author:  BlueStarMom [ Thu Nov 20, 2003 9:32 am ]
Post subject:  Scsboa


Can tickets be purchased in advance for the SCSBOA finals in Long Beach? Who can we contact? Any help you have would be appreciated.

It should be a wonderful contest with all of the talented bands that are finalists. Again good luck to all competitors in all classes 1A-6A.

:D :D

Author:  SeniorFluteQueen2003 [ Thu Nov 20, 2003 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Good Luck to NHS in 5a

I just wanted to say good luck to the NHS. The BSR has had mixed season this year but i think they will do well. So good luck BSR... :D :D :D :D :D

Author:  omooring [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 12:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

On behalf of the Riverside Poly Band and Color Guard, I would like to offer my sincerest apology to Blue Star Mom, as well as to The John W. North BSR and all who visit this site for the inappropriate remarks made by batontwirler187. Although this person has the right to his/her opinion, however misguided, he/she has no right to embarass our organization by posting such drivel as a representative member. This person's comments do not in any way reflect the opinions or attitudes of myself, or the Proud Heritage Band and Color Guard. I have long admired the tradition of excellence represented in each and every performance of the John North H.S. BSR, and I consider their director one of my closest personal friends. I wish them the utmost success at Championships. They are a CLASS ORGANIZATION! Furthermore, if batonwirler187 fails to post an apology on this site by 11;00 am tomorrow, we will be marching a hole in our color guard at Championships tomorrow.

Respectfully submitted,
Oscar Mooring
Band Director
Riverside Poly H.S.

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