2014 Chino Invitational Now Accepting Applications

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2014 Chino Invitational Now Accepting Applications

Post by ChinoInvitational » Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:33 am

In honor of Dennis P. Rodda, The Chino 77TH Cavalry Band and Pageantry and Music Boosters invite you to join us for the 44th Annual Chino Invitational Band Review and Field Show Tournament. The date is Saturday, November 1, 2014.

This event takes place at the height of the marching band season, when bands are perfecting their performances in preparation for the final “title” competitions. As such, the performances seen will be very close if not equal to their best performances of the year. Our goal is to provide the best atmosphere and conditions for them to excel against their peers in what amounts to one of the most competitive marching band events in Southern California.

The event is divided into three parts. The first part, the AM Field Show Tournament starts at 8:00 AM at Chino High School and features twelve high school bands in the 1A, 2A, and 3A Divisions. These smaller groups have a chance to demonstrate their skills in field competition similar to what would be seen at a football game halftime show.

The second part is the Band Review or parade portion of the event. Along with high school bands, junior high, middle, and intermediate school bands are invited to participate in this part of the event. For the past few years we have the distinct honor of hosting more of these younger bands than any other event in Southern California, including many of the best middle school parade bands in the state. The event also includes many of the best high school parade bands in the state. An added feature of the event itself is the competition for those high school bands that compete in both band review (parade) and field tournament competitions. Those bands additionally compete for combined awards based on their combined parade and field tournament scores, considered an elite competition much like the decathlon competition at the Olympic Games, except for marching band. The Band Review portion of the event begins at 12:00 PM on Riverside Drive, heading west at 11th Street, one block south of Chino High School. A separate “Show Off Area” is designated at the end of the parade route in front of Chino High School for bands to perform for bands that preceded them in the parade. This is a non-adjudicated fun area where bands get to “show off” their skills for their peers. Since it is non-competitive, the band has the option of performing any music and any style performance they think will impress their peers. This event is one of the few competitions that provides bands with an opportunity to actually watch other bands compete. That has been a hallmark of the event since the first event was staged in October 1971.

Another feature of the Chino Invitational is that buses and equipment vehicles are not required to move during the event, unlike other events where the buses arrive and disembark the students, then are moved to a parking area, and possibly moved again to board the students. At the Chino Invitational the groups’ vehicles are parked upon arrival and not required to move again until the event concludes and they leave to return home. For groups that are participating in only a portion of the event, e.g., Band Review only, accommodations are made to park the vehicles in such a way as to make it easy to depart when they conclude their performances and are ready to leave.

The final part of the day’s events is the PM Field Show Tournament, starting at 5:30 PM and concluding at 10:30 PM back at Chino High School. This part of the competition features the larger bands in the 4A, 5A, and 6A Divisions, under the stadium lights. These groups bring their considerable experience and expertise to dazzle the capacity audience with innovative and creative presentations that demonstrate their marching and musical talents and attention to detail.

The award-winning Chino High School 77TH Cavalry Band and Pageantry will demonstrate their skills as the lead band in the Band Review (parade) and as the final band in the PM Field Show Tournament (after assisting with running the event through a very long day). The 77TH Cavalry is judged for scores, but, as host, is not in competition.

Awards for the AM and PM Field Tournaments are presented for the highest scoring bands, auxiliary, and percussion in each Division. Awards for the Band Review are presented to the highest scoring bands, drill teams, and auxiliary by class, with separate awards given to high school groups and middle school groups by class. Drum major awards are presented in three categories – Mace Drum Major (High School), Military Drum Major (High School), and Middle School Drum Major.

Adjudication is provided by the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA), each judge focuses on a specific element of the performance. A 10-judge panel is used for both the AM and PM Field Tournaments. A 14-judge panel is used for the Band Review.

The event is chaired by Harold Nelms, one of the original developers for the event in 1971, who is aided by the Chino Invitational Committee and the very capable Chino High School Music Boosters, one of the most enthusiastic and innovative parent groups around. We have had the honor of hosting the most successful marching bands in Southern California, as well as attracting many talented bands from outside the area (e.g., Northern California, Arizona, Utah) as well as the top college marching bands around (e.g., Riverside City College, UCLA, USC, Fresno State University, and San Diego State University) acting as guest bands.

Admission to the Band Review (parade) as is the awards ceremony for the AM Field Tournament and Band Review is free of charge. Admission for the Field Tournament is $10 General Admission, $8 Student with current photo ID and Senior Citizens 60 years of age and older, children 5 and under are free and entitles the ticket holder to admission to both the AM and PM Field Tournaments.

The application material, including entry fee amounts, due dates, contact information, etc. can be found at chino77thcavalry.com under the invitational tab.

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