NCBA Parade Rankings - October 12th, 2013

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NCBA Parade Rankings - October 12th, 2013

Post by SherlocK » Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:27 pm

Alright, So since I've graduated I've tried to keep up with NCBA while going to college (sometimes a little difficult). This year I've decided to crunch the numbers and have some fun and generate a ranking for the bands. Keep in mind that this is purely for my own enjoyment and I am sure there are some flaws in the methodology. However, I've tweaked it quite a bit so I feel pretty happy about posting it here for you guys too look at and comment :)

I rank the bands first on total score (all their scores and positions totaled up), then Average (to check for consistency) and finally how they place (With more points being awarded for larger competitions)

I then combine these to generate a final list. feel free to contact me about looking at the spreadsheet so you guys can look and offer and critiques/comments (It probably isn't perfect yet). So without further ado, I present the Parade top 25:

1. Golden Valley
2. Armijo
3. Benicia
4. Las Plumas Oroville
5. Irvington
6. Fairfield
7. Washington Union
8. Livermore
9. Concord
10. Archbishop Riodan
11. Buchanan
12. Livingston
13. Woodcreek
14. Homestead
15. Foothill
16. Hanford West
t-17. Atwater
t-17. Pitman
19. Rodriguez
20. Fowler
21. Mission San Jose
22. Clovis
23. Merced
24. San Benito
25. Lincoln (Stockton)

I fully expect these to change as the season progresses (Santa Cruz, Foothill, and TOC are still left), but currently, it seems like the usual suspects (Golden Valley, Armijo, Benicia) are at the top as usual, and I fully expect Merced and Foothill to wind up at the top these next two weeks (Both hit up small band reviews which has hurt them a little bit).

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