Hollywood Parade.... Bands?

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Hollywood Parade.... Bands?

Post by Mr Pageantry » Wed Oct 29, 2003 1:45 pm

:wav: The world famous Hollywood Christmas Parade returns on November 30th 2003 to the streets of Hollywood California passing such landmarks as the Walk Of Fame, Graumanns Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Sign...
:crying: Information on the parade is really hard to get.. we attempted for weeks to get the band list and any other information.. from The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce... Parade Coordinator Bill Lomas, Publicity person Bonnie Poindexter and Pageantry Productions who is the parade producer. Also from KCAL television who have agreed to televise the parade 3 times over the holiday season....
Finally some of the bands themselves contacted us... THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE LIST.. but we will revise it as we hear more... By the Way Miss Poindexter cautioned us in releasing any information on the bands or the parade since they weren't official.... She assured us that we would get the list as soon as it was available...... The Hollywood Chamber said thy had no specific information at this time... it went on and on.... I don't know what they feared.. but if any band was travelling to Hollywood from the East Coast and was mentioned in our story months ago.. they might have found a few financial donors to help them with trip expenses..... Perhaps in the future the importance of this parade to the Hollywood Culture and Southern California will become more apparent to the folks in charge....

The Bands we know will attend.. include:

Pearl City HS from Pearl City Hawai'i
McQueen High School from Reno Nevada
Thomas Jefferson HS from Bloomington Indiana
Champlin Park HS from Minnesota
Hollywood High School from Hollywood
Banning High School from Los Angeles
The Riverside City College Band- California
The Santa Ana Winds Youth Band from California
The Long Beach Jr. Concert Band Escorting Santa Claus
and... A Band From Alabama (No name specified) plus more...

Last year NBC's coverage was not good... the focus was on promoting NBC shows and a few 2nd rate performers on a stage.. the bands were NOT shown and such a screaming hissy fit erupted that a second station came to the rescue and rebroadcast the complete parade.. a few weeks later

We believe KCAL TV will broadcast the Hollywood Christmas Parade on the following dates (This is unconfirmed and educated guessing)

November 30th 7 to 9 pm
December 14th at 3pm
and on Christmas Day in the morning

We eagerly await confirmation and more information from any reliable sources who don't mind letting the band and pageantry community know factual information... To those BANDS not mentioned.. we apologize but we will add you to the list if you contact us direct.!!!

Posted by Harvey@worldofpageantry.com :wav:

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Post by Bandmaster » Mon Dec 01, 2003 12:02 pm

** bump **

Any comments on the parade from those that saw it or marched in it?
Dave Schaafsma
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Post by BandPicc04 » Mon Dec 01, 2003 4:38 pm

I watched the parade. Most of the bands recieved more air time than in the past, i thought. The commentators were very congratulatory. They read a list of recent and not so recent accomplishments by each band. I thought that KCAL did a really good job this year. Glad to see so many bands there. There was a band, but i don't remember which one, they actually had a little bit of drill for the time that they were on TV. It was really cool. Everyone sounded great!!!

Just my 2 cents.
Thanks alot you guys....................
It was an amazing 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by kr123 » Mon Dec 01, 2003 5:14 pm

Yea i marched with Long Beach Junior Concert Band... We split and escorted
Santa as was already said. Just to let anyone know that is in the Long Beach/ South Bay area, this is a youth band that accepts auxilary, baton twirlers/majoerettes musicians and percusion. We practice on Tues and Thurs and preform at MANY MANY parades all season in CA. :D If you want some parades to do after marching band season is over this is the band for you :wink: . Please visit WWW.LBJCB.ORG thanks alot!!!! :wav:

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