A Video Showing Our Thanks

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A Video Showing Our Thanks

Post by PBF » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:21 pm

Our "Thank You" video dedicated to the marching bands and community that came together for our 3rd Annual Parade Band Review & Community Festival:


We are so privileged and honored of the many bands that have joined us in celebrating an American tradition and honoring our veterans who have allowed us to enjoy these freedoms.

Parades have long played a role in bringing our communities together, perpetually inspiring our youth and celebrating the spirit of America. It's a tradition so deeply rooted in the history of our great country; celebrating national holidays, the inaugurations of our leaders, and unifying our local communities. When our fighting men and women returned from defending our freedoms, our military bands welcomed them home with the same music performed here today to celebrate their triumphs and honor their losses.

Marching bands as part of parades are a powerful display of unity; individuals coming together to make beautiful music with feet marching in time, in unison, for one purpose, where the sum is greater than any individual. Imagine a parade without bands, only floats, balloons, horses, celebrities; a celebration without a soundtrack.

Parade Band Foundation is dedicated to preserving this grand American tradition that has had us tapping our feet and clapping our hands together to the exciting sounds of marching bands since the birth of our great nation. We are committed to ensuring that bands will continue marching on, bringing crowds to thunderous ovation for generations to come.

Our Heartfelt Thanks from the Parade Band Foundation,

Jason Paguio, President & CEO
Charles Wolf, Event Coordinator & Director
Tom Cole, Director
Tom Landes, Director
Amy Mack, Director
JC Chang, Director
Rocky Ehrich, Secretary & Treasurer

Parade Band Foundation, Inc.

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