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COMMENTARY: BOA Glendora Prelims!

Post by airons0678 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:20 pm

It was the perfect day for anything, and Citrus College is simply an IDEAL place to hold a band show of this caliber--The Bands of America Regional Championships in Glendora, California.

I witnessed all the bands perform in prelims, and wrote a detailed report. My commentary includes the name of the school competing, where they're from, who the band director is, who the drum major or drum majors are, their repertoire, my comments, a Kano Analysis, my prelims score (written down immediately following their performance), my placement (following the finish of the last band in competition), actual prelims score (retrieved from the BOA website today), and actual prelims placement (retrieved from the BOA website today). I scored the bands based on my knowledge of numerous years of BOA research, participation, fandom, and knowledge-sharing. Because scoring and analysis is extremely subjective (and is more difficult when taking on ALL captions as one man), it is what it is. I will not apologize for my thoughts. I will, however, point you to the thoughts of the judges, who are THE experts. To date, I've never questioned a BOA score, placement. This organization is the best when it comes to scoring, rating, and ranking bands, and providing VALUABLE, POSITIVE feedback.

What is a little different this year is I am providing a Kano Analysis of each group performing. Kano Analysis is a prioritization scheme that can be used to classify customer preferences (in this case, the spectator's or judge's preferences) into 4 categories. These categories can help the team (or band) understand how needs relate to customer satisfaction. This analysis has four categories, or prioritizations:

Exciters (also known as Delighters): These bands deliver unexpected, novel, or new high-value benefits to the spectator. For example, an exciter feature could be the plume trick Ronald Reagan H.S. (from San Antonio, TX) used in 2002, or thrilling, acrobatic stunts not seen before on the field.

Satisfiers: For features that are categorized as satisfiers, the more the better. These features bring value to the spectator. For example, a beautiful melody or well-executed drill move could be a satisfier.

Dissatisfiers: These are things that will cause a spectator to dislike the band if given feature is not there, but will not necessarily raise satisfaction if they are present. For example, a band that plays in tune (or not), or a band that displays discipline and adequate grooming (or not).

Indifferent: These features of the band have no impact on the spectator one way or another. It could be a prop that is not effective, or drill that is too easy. We should try to eliminate or minimize indifferent features.

I hope you find my commentary beneficial.

Here we go:

William S. Hart H.S.
Newhall, CA
Director: Anthony Bailey
Drum Major: Nick Vairo
Repertoire: Witch Among Us by Michael Pote
Comments: Tall, narrow, cylindrical black structures are scattered in the back part of the field, perhaps representing trees. A very large tarp in the center of the field colored beige with spread ashen gray looks to be a reflection of the moon. Near the pit is a large black cauldron. This show truly begins with a well-executed mellophone solo. Wow, the woodwinds sound as one when they play--like one big woodwind instrument, ha ha! (Even with technically difficult passages!) There are some marching technique concerns, especially in the short-distance travel. I love the atmosphere created by the smoke coming from the pot. The guard is on top of each required toss. Ah, got to be more convincing in the fluidity of the visuals near the end, there. (Not bad, though!) Outstanding performance!
Exciters: Mood established at start of show.
Satisfiers: Beautiful mellophone solo. Excellent transitions.
Dissatisfiers: In tune. Uniform visual engagement.
Indifferent: Now "wow" moments. Very safe, standard show.
My Prelims Score: 79.40
My Prelims Placement: 6th
Actual Prelims Score: 69.20
Actual Prelims Placement: 11th

Centennial H.S.
Bakersfield, CA
Director: Matthew Ouska
Drum Majors: Rio Jones and Celeste Jones
Repertoire: "Building the Machine," featuring the music of Gary P. Gilroy
Comments: The wind players look like robots out of service before the show starts, then "awaken." Well done, baritones, with your moment in the beginning. Ha ha! Great transition as the machine-like band is out of commission, allowing the drumline to come through them and be made known. Yikes! Stay in step and stay in time at the end of the jazzy section, wind players. Moderately executed high saber toss, guard soloist--I like! I am impressed by the relative cohesion of the auxiliary. (Keep it up!) Push through, winds. Don't run out of gas on me! All right, nice way to end the show with legs spread and knees bent and sounds full out.
Satisfiers: Cartwheels by the guard up front. Coordination in the pit.
Dissatisfiers: Full low brass sound in jazzy section of the show.
Indifferent: Drums start the show, jarringly. Props in rear of field serve no purpose, really.
My Prelims Score: 62.10
My Prelims Placement: 17th
Actual Prelims Score: 57.45
Actual Prelims Placement: 16th

Chaminade College Prep H.S.
West Hills, CA
Director: Ken Hoffman
Drum Majors: Matthew Bianchi
Repertoire: "The Joy of Cirque," featuring "Atmadja," "Reve Rouge," "Urban," and "Joy"
Comments: Very, very tall tripod devices were erected on three different areas of the field. One had a PVC-pipe-looking outline of a cube hanging from it, another had two blue ribbons hanging and tied down, and another had elastic bands where one of the guard used it for acrobatic stunts. It looked like a bass drummer was missing from the way they opened up a hole during their percussion feature, but the bass drummers seemed to close it up later, and were fine. Neat work with the long blue ribbons within one of the tripods where a guard member wraps himself up in it and goes higher and higher, and then drops, JUST missing the fall by holding on. Nice work! As much as I was distracted by, and enjoying the auxiliary tricks, I could not divert from the awkward musical and visual features. The big inverted "V" at the end was so fuzzy, SO fuzzy. Atmosphere was a plus. Execution (overall), needs improvement.
Exciters: The "circus act." Dangerous stunt--truly--by the boy wrapped in ribbon.
Satisfiers: This band told a story.
Dissatisfiers: Playing in time, moving in time--off. Unbalanced sound.
Indifferent: "Flatline" music. Auxiliary did not compliment the band, and vice-versa.
My Prelims Score: 59.20
My Prelims Placement: 18th
Actual Prelims Score: 52.65
Actual Prelims Placement: 18th

Murrieta Valley H.S.
Murrieta, CA
Director: Neil Anderson
Drum Majors: Angelica Delzompo and Bryan Doney
Repertoire: "SoundTracks"
Comments: What appeared to be a long railroad track was assembled near the front of the field, stretching from 20 to 20. In parade block formation, the winds, drums, and guard took their places on the side 1 part of the field, facing side 2. I was groovin' to the music, initiated by the drums. Oops! Looks like there was a mental error by one of the mellophone players right off the bat with a horn snap. I appreciated how each section of the band got their turn in the spotlight--woodwinds, brass, etcetera. Hmmm, there appeared to be some muffled-ness near the end of the first movement, and that could have been due to wind and front ensemble balance. (Check the synth!)
Satisfiers: Woodwind emotion, and brass support in the ballad.
Indifferent: Short show, ending with cliffhanger.
My Prelims Score: 69.50
My Prelims Placement: 13th
Actual Prelims Score: 62.35
Actual Prelims Placement: 13th

Desert Vista H.S.
Phoenix, AZ
Director: Josh Thye
Drum Majors: Rachel Hughes and Andy Chen
Repertoire: "The Blue Hour," featuring music from Saint-Saens, Whitacre and Tichelli
Comments: That clock prop at the rear of the field was trippy, as if it were from an alien planet. A crunchy winding and ticking sound got the clock going, it seemed, as soon as this group is announced there appeared to be a controlled power outage. There was near 100% participation from this group, which made individual fallacies really show. Oh, gorgeous baritone solo, folks! And you can't go wrong with Eric Whitacre for the slow, reflective movement. I looked for much more expression from the guard, but they seemed focused--too much so, perhaps. This group played with a reasonably full sound.
Satisfiers: I really appreciated the woodwind musical build at the beginning, with "snaky" legs visuals to compliment.
Dissatisfiers: Block of wind players display discipline and excellent marching technique when entering the field. This band moves quite well together.
My Prelims Score: 73.40
My Prelims Placement: 11th
Actual Prelims Score: 70.35
Actual Prelims Placement: 10th

Fountain Valley H.S.
Fountain Valley, CA
Director: Mark Irons
Drum Majors: Anthony Ho, Heng-Yi Liu and Bianca Singer
Repertoire: "Firebird Suite" by Igor Stranvinski, "Ritual Fire Dance" by Manuel De Falla and "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash
Comments: Almost the entire front sideline is shielded by black backdrops. Tastefully, the pit comes in in a graceful, flowing way, and flowing along with them is the wind players who jazz run in a swirling manner with blade-like props that look like fire on one side and ash on the other. The clarinet and baritone horn duet was superb. Later on there is a bit of a clarinet soloist glitch, but not enough to hurt the performance, I felt. I was a little taken aback by a musical tear they had--no doubt a mental thing. Overall, a strong show that could use more vigor.
Exciters: Inventive use of flame props.
Satisfiers: Ballet-like introduction. Nice recovery from the tear.
Dissatisfiers: Mostly good quality tone. Tear near beginning of show.
Indifferent: Transitions "iffy"
My Prelims Score: 77.00
My Prelims Placement: 9th
Actual Prelims Score: 75.00
Actual Prelims Placement: 7th

Imperial H.S.
Imperial, CA
Director: Brooke Kofford
Drum Majors: Carlos Gomez and Abril Castro
Repertoire: "Awakenings," including Part One: "Pictures at an Exhibition," Part Two: "Nessun Dorma" and Part Three: "Firebird"
Comments: Beginning trumpet soloist's notes were botched, but excellent recovery! Way to play out, gang! Seamless flow from one area of the show to the next. Great navigation. Spacing across the field was sketchy, and some forms were not readable. They did the best they could at the end of their show with blend, balance, and "oomph." There was nothing that stood out in this show besides musicality, perhaps.
Satisfiers: Trumpet section comes to the rescue when they are needed.
Dissatisfiers: Full sound. Soloists not up to the task.
Indifferent: Typical horn maneuvers, snaps. Lots of 8 to 5 marching.
My Prelims Score: 65.70
My Prelims Placement: 15th
Actual Prelims Score: 56.50
Actual Prelims Placement: 17th

Buchanan H.S.
Clovis, CA
Director: Jason Orchard
Drum Majors: Emma Bramer and Marina Ryssman
Repertoire: "Neptune's Realm" by Key Poulan and Steve Maldonado, featuring "Carnival of Animals - Aquarium" by Camille Saint-Saens, "New World Symphony - Largo" by Antonin Dvorak and "The Planets - Neptune" by Gustav Holst
Comments: This show dwells...and I liked the flute (piccolo) soloist, but it was too much. Some forms did not gel. THERE'S that triumphant brass sound! It took a while to get there. Wow, when this band gets going this band gets going. I noticed improvement (overall) as this show progressed. Phenomenal auxiliary work. Hmmm. Some wind players--two right next to each other, in fact--forgot the visuals. This band stood still in an unreadable form at the end of their show, and played the rest of their show for a good while at a standstill. At this time of year, especially at a BOA show, I would expect all bands to have their shows done.
Exciters: Magnificent guard catches WITH the music.
Satisfiers: Athletic prowess of the guard. Percussion feature energetic.
Dissatisfiers: Form control lacking. Professionalism conveyance void.
Indifferent: Long, drawn-out introduction. "Dhut-ing" from the drumline during the crazy woodwind feature.
My Prelims Score: 68.50
My Prelims Placement: 14th
Actual Prelims Score: 60.60
Actual Prelims Placement: 14th

Clovis H.S.
Clovis, NM
Director: Bill Allred
Drum Majors: Jacob Mendoza, Christin Springs and Robin Howe
Repertoire: "Ready, Set, Action!" featuring selections from Cirque Du Soliel's "Iris," composed by Danny Elfman
Comments: This band had a clever, comedic pre-show that captivated the audience. Clear and concise communication from the auxiliary soloist on the film reel prop at the beginning of the show, and from then on this group draws you in. No wobble wobble, trumpets trumpets. Great effect of dissonant sound followed by the clack of a movie clapper and the voiceover of, "Quiet on the set," and then...silence. Well done, brass, during your feature! The ballad helped you fall in love with this group. The end of their show had little pizzazz visually, but musically they were great. Fun show!
Exciters: The looney way they enter the field. The wacky pre-show music.
Satisfiers: Tension and release. Effective rolling of film reel props.
Dissatisfiers: Group plays in time well.
Indifferent: Show meanders.
My Prelims Score: 79.00
My Prelims Placement: 7th
Actual Prelims Score: 72.30
Actual Prelims Placement: 9th

Murrieta Mesa H.S.
Murrieta, CA
Director: Thomas Garvin
Drum Major: Christina Bates
Repertoire: "The Rise of the Machines," by Gary P. Gilroy with percussion by Kohei Mizushima and Nate Bourg
Comments: Interesting, sci-fi-ish pedestals dotted different parts of the field. I like the moody sound effects produced by the pit--dark, mostly--along with a voiceover that introduces this group's theme--machines. Outstanding velocity...challenging! (Gripping music, too.) Some parts, musically speaking, were shaky. What I really, really appreciated about this group was they took advantage of the instrumentation they had. They may have had just 2 tuba players, but that mattered little! Here's another show that got better as it went on. Ha ha! This was one of the hardest working groups I have seen on the field today.
Exciters: Guard interaction with the winds. Under-the-leg saber catch.
Satisfiers: Tension and release. High rifle toss and catch at the end of the introduction. Consistency. Not afraid to take risks.
Dissatisfiers: Stick-outs in certain sections of the show.
Indifferent: The pedestal, pole props as filler.
My Prelims Score: 72.20
My Prelims Placement: 12th
Actual Prelims Score: 62.75
Actual Prelims Placement: 12th

Clovis West H.S.
Fresno, CA
Director: John Lack
Drum Major: Emma Guerrero
Repertoire: "in a child's dream"
Comments: A lullaby from the pit, and a girl going to sleep in a very comfortable bed gets this show on the road. When the woodwinds come in from the far reaches of the field, I could barely hear them (staging), but when they get in range, aaah, very nice. The staging onward is per-fec-tion, I felt. Musicianship was phenomenal. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous--individually, and as an ensemble. The nightmarish section of the show is realistic, with costume changes and theatrics. And...there is a lot of truth to this show...and I know I'm going deep, here, but this struck a chord with me in what I know in life.
Exciters: Really high rifle toss caught just at the right, musical time.
Satisfiers: Double-tonguing trumpets, clean. Booming bass sound from the pit making this small band appear large.
My Prelims Score: 83.90
My Prelims Placement: 2nd
Actual Prelims Score: 77.15
Actual Prelims Placement: 3rd

Thousand Oaks H.S.
Thousand Oaks, CA
Director: Marty Martone
Drum Majors: Tommy Militello and Brian Strasburger
Repertoire: "On Cloud 9," featuring the music of Bach, Beethoven and Dvorak
Comments: We've got some "cloudscape" going! A high ramp with entrance area, and large tarp in front of it was designed sky blue with clouds. Lovely classical piano feature compliments an equally lovely auxiliary feature. Ooh, vocal music, pretty flute solo, and french horns--yes, FRENCH HORNS--make their ballad so sweet. (It kind of lingers, though.) The trumpets had a lot of demand...and they did an OK job of pulling it off.
Exciters: Blind pass-throughs in the drill. Extremely difficult music pulled off reasonably well.
Satisfiers: Choral segment of the show, with flute soloist.
Dissatisfiers: How the winds checked their spacing before the show's start.
Indifferent: Transitions, so-so.
My Prelims Score: 77.30
My Prelims Placement: 8th
Actual Prelims Score: 75.15
Actual Prelims Placement: 6th

Covina H.S.
Covina, CA
Director: Daniel Franco
Drum Majors: Nancy Zapien and William Wooten
Repertoire: "The Grid" by Frank Sullivan
Comments: I like the superhero crouching pose by the winds and the spacey synth sounds that are a prelude to a baritone horn and soprano sax solo. Whoa! Jumbled music, for a bit. It seemed like these kids struggled to stay in time. There was also a soft-spoken-ness to this group. Okay, guard, great job with all the maneuvers! Sometimes, the synth seems out of place, as if it is mere filler music. Hmmm. Okay show. Somewhat uneven? Lots of good stuff going on with the guard.
Satisfiers: Sets the mood of the show right out of the gate. Crisp guard work.
Dissatisfiers: Playing together, in time and in tune, needs work. More energy desired.
Indifferent: Ballad overstays welcome.
My Prelims Score: 62.90
My Prelims Placement: 16th
Actual Prelims Score: 58.35
Actual Prelims Placement: 15th

Vista Murrieta H.S.
Murrieta, CA
Directors: Donald Wade and Brent Levine
Drum Majors: Chad Shini, Megan McDonald, Cristian Ovies and Marvince Benjamin
Repertoire: "The Abyss," featuring "To the Edge," "The Plunge," "Into the Deep," and "No Escape"
Comments: Very, very subtle swaying motion by the wind players catches my attention, and then the drum major calls the band to attention. I like the sounds that are coming from the pit, and then this group explodes with this great brute power. Everything this band did in the first movement was on target. Powerful show! Whew, my blood was pumping with those trumpet players jazz running through the guard, guard-work included. Way to shape the music in the ballad, everyone. Way to way to GO! I tell you, this band made me a fan of theirs, and I have not necessarily been a VM fan in the past, so well done.
Exciters: Jazz running trumpets through rifle squad, and immaculate rifle tosses.
Satisfiers: Tension and release.
Dissatisfiers: Way to display that marching technique when entering the field.
Indifferent: 1st-to-2nd movement momentum shaky.
My Prelims Score: 81.00
My Prelims Placement: 5th
Actual Prelims Score: 77.00
Actual Prelims Placement: 4th

Ayala H.S.
Chino Hills, CA
Director: Mark Stone
Drum Majors: Kristina Riggin, Rachel Clements and Denise Perez
Repertoire: "Nexus in 4 Movements"
Comments: Great "open" staging that fills in negative space in no time with a musical AND visual soloist being one of the bass drummers. I like that. (Not common.) Interesting relay-style hand-offs of these cube "packages" that have light inside is...nothing quite like I've seen. Credit really needs to be given to the flute section of this group. The smooth jazz section with toes down is reminiscent of Etiwanda in the mid-90's. Uh oh. Sounds like a trumpet player came in too soon near the end of the show. The show ends on a question mark, but arguably it ends appropriately.
Exciters: Relay hand-offs of cube props. Accelerando.
Satisfiers: Heart-racing percussion feature.
Indifferent: Music not memorable, really.
My Prelims Score: 84.30
My Prelims Placement: 1st
Actual Prelims Score: 83.55
Actual Prelims Placement: 1st

Upland H.S.
Upland, CA
Director: Ernie Miranda
Drum Majors: Evan Weinmeister, Kendyl Cohn and Kristen Matthews
Repertoire: "Where the Sidewalk Ends," by Kevin Shah
Comments: This band created a "wonderland" type atmosphere with green and blue polka dotted structures, and light green backdrops. The small brass ensemble on side 2 of the field got the job DONE! Great theatrics with a trombone player getting pulled over to the "otherworld" side by a guard girl, the guard girl stealing the trombone, too. This group does some TOUGH stuff, and I admire that...but some of it does not translate well.
Exciters: Guard rifle toss over a "tower" of guard girls--whoa!
Satisfiers: Wild storytelling. Organic sounds, even from the synthesizer.
Dissatisfiers: Wholesome sound.
Indifferent: High-step visual move.
My Prelims Score: 81.80
My Prelims Placement: 3rd
Actual Prelims Score: 79.05
Actual Prelims Placement: 2nd

Homestead H.S.
Cupertino, CA
Director: John Burn and Eric Weingartner
Drum Majors: Irfan Faizullabhoy, Diveesh Singh and Carl Huang
Repertoire: "Poseidon's Dream," featuring "Harrison's Dream" by Peter Graham, "Instinctive Travels" by Michael Markowski and "Dream is Collapsing" by Hans Zimmer
Comments: The wind players are almost hidden by the turf with their green uniforms as they lie on their side in a circular form. I love how the guard girl with the trident emerges from the pod of "sea" flags, and then out comes the mellophone player. I anxiously await for "the next big thing" to happen. As a big "DNA" form develops, rifle tosses are executed moderately well in the gaps. Great effect of having low brass come in pp, and then build, build, build!
Exciters: Eyes travel to the right spots in the show in percussion feature enhanced by guard.
Satisfiers: Guard staging.
Dissatisfiers: Mellophones, blend that sound. Overall, BLENDED.
My Prelims Score: 81.60
My Prelims Placement: 4th
Actual Prelims Score: 76.40
Actual Prelims Placement: 5th

Foothill H.S.
Henderson, NV
Director: Travis Pardee
Drum Majors: Keoni Sailer, Brittney Stradling and Gabby Squillante
Repertoire: "The World Above"
Comments: As Foothill is entering the field they are announced into competition...and they're still entering. (I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. Awkward.) Okay, now we're on. Great flute solo, and dancing by the guard in the center of the field is strong. Awesome changing-places move by the wind players in the dominant curve form. Ha ha! Once again, can do no wrong with Eric Whitacre, but velocity--it just was not there. Gorgeous ballad!
Dissatisfiers: Together woodwind sound. Great forms at a halt.
Indifferent: Repeating, repeating, repeating melody.
My Prelims Score: 76.30
My Prelims Placement: 10th
Actual Prelims Score: 72.95
Actual Prelims Placement: 8th

Wow. The day started out pretty strong with strong performances, and just kept getting better and better. Some helpful hints to the bands aspiring to make finals: play musically as an ensemble, listen to each other, communicate to each other, design your show around your unit's strengths, stage your auxiliary and percussion appropriately, stage any effective moment appropriately (where should my eyes be directed?), professionalism, creativity, innovation, and finally: keep it SIMPLE in terms of concepts/props/responsibilities. (A melody that you remember long after the show is done goes a long way! And it doesn't even have to be familiar.)

Here are my prelims scores and placements:

1. 84.30 Ayala H.S., CA
2. 83.90 Clovis West H.S., CA
3. 81.80 Upland H.S., CA
4. 81.60 Homestead H.S., CA
5. 81.00 Vista Murrieta H.S., CA
6. 79.40 William S. Hart H.S., CA
7. 79.00 Clovis H.S., NM
8. 77.30 Thousand Oaks H.S., CA
9. 77.00 Fountain Valley H.S., CA
10. 76.30 Foothill H.S., NV
11. 73.40 Desert Vista H.S., AZ
12. 72.20 Murrieta Mesa H.S., CA
13. 69.50 Murrieta Valley H.S., CA
14. 68.50 Buchanan H.S., CA
15. 65.70 Imperial H.S., CA
16. 62.90 Covina H.S., CA
17. 62.10 Centennial H.S., CA
18. 59.20 Chaminade College Prep H.S., CA

Here are the actual prelims scores and placements:

1. 83.55 Ayala H.S., CA
2. 79.05 Upland H.S., CA
3. 77.15 Clovis West H.S., CA
4. 77.00 Vista Murrieta H.S., CA
5. 76.40 Homestead H.S., CA
6. 75.15 Thousand Oaks H.S., CA
7. 75.00 Fountain Valley H.S., CA
8. 72.95 Foothill H.S., NV
9. 72.30 Clovis H.S., NM
10. 70.35 Desert Vista H.S., AZ
11. 69.20 William S. Hart H.S., CA
12. 62.75 Murrieta Mesa H.S., CA
13. 62.35 Murrieta Valley H.S., CA
14. 60.60 Buchanan H.S., CA
15. 58.35 Covina H.S., CA
16. 57.45 Centennial H.S., CA
17. 56.50 Imperial H.S., CA
18. 52.65 Chaminade College Prep H.S., CA

Looks like I gave out some high scores at this BOA show, which, if you know me, I rarely do. I must have enjoyed the performances more than I thought I would. That's a GOOD thing!

A couple of notes:

*William S. Hart getting knocked out of finals was the big upset of the day. I can't say I disagree with the judges, as their show did not connect with me in ANY way. It was a safe show that seemed to be taken out of a "playbook" for quick and easy show designs, with elaborate props that were too elaborate for their own good and tried to be more than they were. THAT said, this group was incredible MUSICALLY...but they should take some advice from Clovis West on how to be a really good, EFFECTIVE small band.
*Chaminade College Prep and Thousand Oaks had some high, dangerous-looking props. I think the judges let these groups slide on prop height, as I believe there are rules and regulations for how high your props should be. Thousand Oaks was pushing it. Chaminade College Prep was REALLY pushing it. Nevertheless, I did personally enjoy what these groups were doing with their props. (*I* would let them slide, ha ha!)
*A few bands had trouble remembering that only a STUDENT is allowed on the mixing board--another unique BOA rule that means well, but I think should be amended.
*A great premier BOA performance kudos goes out to MURRIETA MESA HIGH SCHOOL. Great job, gang! Keep up the great work and I'm sure sometime in the future I'll see you guys in finals.
*I look forward to seeing Vista Murrieta's show again in of the few bands that I really looked forward to seeing again.

Here are the actual results of the Class Championships following the preliminary performances:

Highest Achievement Class A

Highest Achievement Class AA
Outstanding Music - Imperial H.S., CA
Outstanding Visual - Covina H.S., CA
Outstanding General Effect - Covina H.S., CA

Highest Achievement Class AAA
Outstanding Music - Clovis West H.S., CA
Outstanding Visual - Clovis West H.S., CA
Outstanding General Effect - Clovis West H.S., CA

Highest Achievement Class AAAA
Outstanding Music - Ayala H.S., CA
Outstanding Visual - Ayala H.S., CA
Outstanding General Effect - Ayala H.S., CA

Placements Class A

Placements Class AA
3rd Chaminade College Prep H.S., CA
2nd Imperial H.S., CA
1st Covina H.S., CA

Placements Class AAA
3rd William S. Hart H.S., CA
2nd Clovis H.S., NM
1st Clovis West H.S., CA

Placements Class AAAA
3rd Vista Murrieta H.S., CA
2nd Upland H.S., CA
1st Ayala H.S., CA

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the FINALS competition!

Alan Irons, PMP, PMI-ACP

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