Parade Music Help!

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Parade Music Help!

Post by PennyStealer » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:46 am

I'm the marching coach at my former high school and we're about to start up for our annual Memorial Day parade music.

However, there's one slight problem.....we don't have music.
Well, we do. Except the only song we have is the American march that we always do. We now need a song that will accompany that song. In years past, we would just use a pop song that was big around that time. My senior year, we marched to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."
It's just something that everyone in the crowd would recognize as we're marching by.

Well, this year, we don't have a song. Anyone have any good ideas?
Something around the 120 - 128 bpm tempo range?
Anything that's popular right now on the radio and stuff would be nice!

Thanks, everyone!

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