22nd Annual Vintage Reserve Band Review in Napa, CA

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22nd Annual Vintage Reserve Band Review in Napa, CA

Post by vintagecrusher » Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:00 am

Still really proud that I get to come back as a part of a band competing here this fall season. A one year hiatus from fall season just seemed too much. HAHA!

My main excitement is the completely revamped venues for both street and field. Back in my sister's high school days (about 7 years ago), the review didn't seem like much of a nice review because of the venues, and I would overhear negative comments about the bad venues; BUT NO MORE!!!

Street takes place back in Downtown Napa on Third St., which is a big step up from Trower Ave. in front of the school. The size of the new street venue is huge (as in wide)!

The more exciting venue change is their field competition. Since Memorial Stadium's reconstruction in 2010, no longer will you have to sit in 50 year old cement blocks for bleachers and have marchers point up to the 40 yard line to face the box. Below is an aerial shot of the new stadium.


November 12th will be quite an exciting day, especially since I get to go back to my HS roots, instructing a brand new marching band from South Napa County.

Who else is going? I wish the bands competing the complete best of luck!

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