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Helping Band Reviews

Post by PBF » Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:40 pm

As part of Parade Band Foundation, Inc.'s mission to sustain, promote, and provide assistance to organizers who support parades and band reviews, Parade Band Foundation, Inc. will help alleviate expenses to:

• Mt. Carmel High School Band Review: $450 (2 judges at $225/each).

• Mira Mesa High School Band Review. $450 (2 judges at $225/each).

These costs, although justifiable as a means to provide high quality band reviews, are typically part of the larger operating expenses associated with band reviews, along with police/street closures, trophies, and insurance. As discretionary money is all but dismal for most cities in these tough economical times, it becomes increasingly more difficult for band reviews and parades to remain solvent, resulting in less visibility for music programs to their communities.

San Diego County band reviews and parades have experienced among the lowest turnouts in attendance, averaging 12-15 bands for the largest of the remaining 6 events. The costs of smaller attended band reviews are commonly amortized through joint field show revenues: band entries, ticket sales, and concessions - most of which, are not associated with band reviews. Please help these band reviews, as well as your local band reviews, by showing your support through attendance, participation, and encouragement to your local city officials through letters and phone calls.

• Mt. Carmel High School Tournament of Bands:

• Mira Mesa High School Band Review & Field Tournament:

• SCSBOA Band Reviews:

• NCBA Band Reviews:

Parade Band Foundation hopes to be of more assistance to more band reviews in the near future through resources, sponsorships, incentives to participants, and assistance in alleviating operational expenses.

• Video: "Together We Can Keep the Tradition Alive"

Parade Band Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors:

Jason Paguio, President & CEO
Charles Wolf, Director & Event Coordinator, ORTCBR
Amy Mack, Director
Tom Cole, Director
Rocky Ehrich, Secretary

For more information:

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