MBOS Top 10 Reasons for Success!

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MBOS Season of Champions
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MBOS Top 10 Reasons for Success!

Post by MBOS Season of Champions » Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:35 pm

With the conclusion of a phenomenal championship Saturday hosted flawlessly by Tesoro HS Band and music boosters, I thought I would write and express my gratitude for the many positive posts I’ve read throughout the season.

Back in 2006, an MBOS championship was a vision so far in the future it was truly not discussed. Since then, I’ve witnessed thousands of very talented musicians and visual specialists perform spectacular musical and visual productions, believe in a system, and illustrate beyond a doubt that QUALITY succeeds. MBOS championships was the three year culmination of an original concept initially surrounded by few optimists, some doubters and many traditionalists who were unsure of introducing a new wave of marching band contests to Southern California. Three years later, under the leadership of talented directors and staffs, MBOS crowned its first true champion. Sierra Vista HS will hold this title and as a participant in the 2nd smallest classification, became the small band that allowed quality to drive their quest for success. I personally witnessed a talented panel of adjudicators carefully evaluate close to 40 performances. By night’s end, it was the performers who put the final stamp of success on the Marching Band Open Series. Through their performances, I was one of three MBOS creators left speechless during a full band retreat. What a sight!

Here are my top 10 reasons for MBOS success:

10. Show consistency organized by outstanding and dedicated show hosts: La Mirada HS, Mission Hills HS, Lealta Performing Arts, King HS, Downey HS, Colony HS, Norco HS, Eleanor Roosevelt HS, and Tesoro HS.
9. Superior adjudicators focused on rewarding students, staff and directors for their efforts based on criteria that apply to bands of all sizes.
8. Support from the largest pageantry organization in the country. Without the WGASC foundation and support from the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and its membership, MBOS would not exist.
7. Guidance from educators like George Oliviero, Don Jaramillo, Stuart Pompell, Anthony Bailey, Sly Sybilski, Karl Lowe, Greg Llacer and others who offered insight into the competition format, and philosophies.
6. Music valued 60% to Visual 40% kept MBOS focused on what’s truly most important!
5. Administrators who helped a vision come to life. Scott Bilbruck and Carl Nelson fine tuned MBOS to be the consistently run and organized set of contests unparalleled in California.
4. Ryan H. Turner...A fan, A judge, and THE voice!
3. Over 75 music directors and staffs who shared our belief that bands can be evaluated based solely on quality regardless of classification and band size who shared their belief with over 5,000 students who left familiarity behind them and trusted in their abilities and in their evaluators.
2. The start of the digital revolution! Since 2006 when MBOS was the first association to go digital in its third year, cassettes are all but extinct.
1. Unconditionally committing to the philosophy that the performers are the priority and through this philosophy, the integrity of MBOS will never be compromised.

MBOS appreciates all of the support over the past three years.
See you in 2009!
Mike Stone
MBOS Coordinator

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Re: MBOS Top 10 Reasons for Success!

Post by marchingartist » Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:52 pm

Every organization has its own humble beginnings. It's very exciting to see this circuit grow and progress. Congratulations on a great season.
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Re: MBOS Top 10 Reasons for Success!

Post by hainesph » Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:28 am

I would like to add my thanks and congratulations to MBOS for an outstanding circuit. Allowing groups to perform in the order they register opens the field up and allows all bands to directly compete against each other, leveling the playing field tremendously.

We are big fans and looking to bring more groups from our area in the future. Thanks, Mike, for the hard work and dedication it took to bring this circuit to fruition. Here's wishing MBOS many, many years of success!

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