Results - Showcase of Bands (South Hills) Field Tourn.

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Results - Showcase of Bands (South Hills) Field Tourn.

Post by dr » Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:03 pm

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
5th Annual Showcase of Bands (SCSBOA)
Covina, CA

1A Division
77.00 Charter Oak (Covina)
62.80 Monrovia
53.70 Pioneer (Whittier)
53.10 Northview (Covina)
87.50 Charter Oak
72.70 Monrovia
72.50 Northview
52.50 Pioneer

2A Division
66.25 Damien (La Verne)
65.50 James A. Garfield (Los Angeles)
65.25 West Covina
84.00 Garfield
79.00 Damien
76.50 West Covina

3A Division
75.80 Gladstone (Covina)
74.85 Azusa
64.50 Golden Valley (Santa Clarita)
87.20 Gladstone
86.50 Azusa
56.50 Golden Valley

4A Division
79.75 Arroyo (El Monte)
72.55 Glen A. Wilson (Hacienda Heights)
71.85 Los Altos (Hacienda Heights)
64.70 Covina
87.40 Glen A. Wilson
85.50 Arroyo
82.00 Los Altos
75.80 Covina

5A Division
86.85 Los Osos (Rancho Cucamonga)
85.35 John A. Rowland (Rowland Heights)
90.00 Los Osos
88.70 Rowland

Auxiliary – 90.00 Los Osos
Visual Performance – 187 Los Osos
General Effect – 318 Rowland
Music – 370.5 Rowland
Band – 86.85 Los Osos
Semper Musicus
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Re: Results - Showcase of Bands (South Hills) Field Tourn.

Post by Flying bird » Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:12 pm

Interesting range of scores...

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Re: Results - Showcase of Bands (South Hills) Field Tourn.

Post by BttrDrummerThanU » Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:13 pm

I just got home from this show. I was pretty impressed with many bands as I haven't really seen any of them so far this year. So this was my first impression of every band. (Except maybe Arroyo, I've only heard them in the lot).

I think the placements were just about accurate. I won't comment on scoring because I don't feel I'm the best at numbers management. But great job from all the groups that performed.

Special recognition goes to:

Arroyo - Back in uniform! And very strong tonight. I think having the uniforms on put some more life into the kids. Opening Alto soloist and the flute soloist later on did a fine job. The overall sound of the ensemble was nice and well balanced. Nice job Arroyo. I look forward to seeing you guys on Saturday.

Hadn't seen Los Osos or Rowland all year and both of them were very strong. Great job for Mr. Alvo for making a smooth transition for the kids and continuing excellence and keeping the progression going. And Los Osos put on a great production. I enjoyed the "band" sound. The brass and woodwind blend was just about right. There were a few phasing issues and I think without those, Los Osos would have high music. I didn't see a recap, but that's just a guess.

Well, congrats to all the bands for the first show I've actually gotten a chance to sit in the stands and watch. It's the home stretch for the season! Keep pushing!

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